Beta Testers Needed

I have been using a pre-printed calendar for the past 5 months and I am just not satisfied with the features. I have put together a draft version of a 2-page per week calendar setup and I need some of you to take a look at it. Click here for the post.

Let me know what you think, I plan on using it for the next 4 weeks to get a feel for it. I know that changes will need to be made, and this is the place to come for advice!

Thank you for your help.

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Not much to suggest...


I'd try centering the mini-calendar in the space (add an extra column to one side).
I like the way the DIY Planner has multiple columns in a section by using gray-filled cells. This lets me ignore the columns if I want to or use them at my choice.
I'd also like the month's name in there somewhere.

Other than that I can't think of anything to suggest. It's a highly functional layout. Bravo.

Gray columns

Thank you for your time. I appreciate the suggestion about the gray-filled cells for columns, that is a great idea for creating "more room". This draft is built on .2" x .2" squares, so that would be an easy fix. Moving the mini-calendar? A little more difficult.

I am also planning on adding the Month name in front of "Appointments" across the top. I am also considering getting rid of the Hour numbers in the daily columns...

Tell me if I am correct, please

The only difference I can find on the 7 pages I printede from that document is the mini calendar.
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Mini calendar for each month

Thank you for taking the time to look at it. You are correct. The various sheets are designed for each month for the rest of the year (2007). I have apparently forgotten to label the sheets at the top as to which month they correspond to. That has been fixed on the working copy on my hard drive.

Since it is just a preliminary draft, I didn't take the time to label each page. My thinking is to create a "final" version with all dated pages so you can print the odd pages first, reload the paper and print the evens, then cut down the middle, punch and put in your planner.

What I am looking for is advice/suggestions on useability and layout for maximum information capture & retrieval from the simplest form.

Update on the Calendar Project

There is an update posted here.

There are still two weeks left for you to submit your suggestions or comments.