3x5 index card binder

Hey guys, ive decided to make my own Index card binder, i need some help in doing so, Ive found some rings and also prepunched cards, what should i do in terms of a cover? The employee at the Office supplies store Recommended a Box to transport them in, however it needs to be portable and quite small as it will be kept on my person, i have looked and have not had any luck finding a 2-ring Index card binder, similar to the Oxford model In australia.

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Address book folder

Hi Jared,

The 'cheap and cheerful' shops that sell lots of knick knacks from China or Korea are often the best places to find unusual and useful stationery and binders. Some of them are quite bright but you can find more conservative binders and folders.
(I've seen some cute Korean 2-ring binder calendars that would work - although you would have to really like pink cartoon pandas.)

I've seen approximately Index-card/system-card sized ring-bound address book folders at some of the Australian stationery stores. But only at those warehouse-type office suppliers, in the industrial areas of town, that do most of their business with large companies.

One of my favourite finds was at my local newsagency - an A6-sized, plastic, indexed, expanding file that fits into my handbag/pocket and cost less than $5. So do try looking in the back shelves of your local newsagent. You might find exactly what you need.

Alternatively, have a look under 'templates' here and see what has been created in the past. You might find the perfect origami cover

I'm not sure what you have

I'm not sure what you have available there in Australia. You might try cutting heavy card stock or a plastic report cover, folder, to size and use that. Alternately, you could look for heavy quilter's template plastic at a craft store. It is opaque and sturdy. I would slightly round the edges so that they pointy edge isn't too sharp. You could take cardstock and personalize it somehow with pretty paper or photographs and then laminate it for extra strength.
My 2 cents,

You could also use flexible plastic cutting boards...

The ones that are made of thin flexible plastic sheet that can be curled into a funnel. I've seen that suggestion made on this board before, and I picked up some. It's thinner than the Levenger Circa Notebook covers, and about the same thickness as their Circa tabbed indexes. That might be sturdy enough for covers.

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Hi Katrina, thanks your your

Hi Katrina, thanks your your feedback, do you think i would have any luck at GoPrint? the government printing agency, that sells Police notebooks, stationery supplies, etc etc?

Couldn't hurt to try

Any printer supply should have an assortment of cover materials.

Good luck.
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Highly likely

Hi Jared

It's likely that GoPrint will have something if they have a lot of pocket-sized books and covers for the police, traffic wardens, etc.

Some other places would be Corporate Express, Office Works or any other major stationery wholesaler in the Yellow Pages.

What you use will depend on if you want a hard-covered binder with inbuilt rings or hard-covers for your planner that the rings pass through.

If all you want are covers for the front and back - then I suggest finding a couple of postcards or photos you like and taking them to a shop that does laminating and drilling. (Often print or poster shops will do this). They can laminate it for you and drill holes where you need them.

Or you could buy iron on laminates, like those in the link jonglass provided


a couple ideas

This page:

has a couple ideas that are a bit different, but which you might find useful as alternates. Look about half-way down the page.

Also, I've seen something on Flickr, or somewhere that uses the binder idea that you will see on this page, but with two binder rings instead of one. I think it might be an interesting compromise between this page, and what you are describing (full-on 2 ring binder).



Thanks guys, Jonglass, its so funny that link you provided, the one with the baby photo on it, is basically EXACTLY what im doing, except im using 2 rings, and i made covers out of a plastic material which i picked up from a craft store used for stencil templates and i traced around the index card on it in pencil to acheive an accurate sized cover, i purchased 2 d-rings simply because suitably sized o-rings werent available, ive just got a few questions, whats the best way to punch holes in a whole stack of index cards? and with the d-rings, is it just a matter of pulling apart the separation then putting it back together once ive binded everything?

Punch holes in a whole stack of index cards?

A Paper Drill

I have the three-hole model and it is great.
There are also big paper-drill machines that you would find in a print shop.
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That is so

Monstrously neat!!! I wish I could come with an excuse to buy one! I used to drill paper in a shop, but this is soo cool! Thanks for the link!


transparent cover

If you can't find clear plastic for a cover, one alternative would be to simply laminate sheets without inserting paper. I just laminated something that needed to have a fair bit of excess trimmed off. Looking at the remnant I could see that it was quite sturdy and would make a good cover. I smurfed it, and it workes well, doesn't split open.