3x5 calendar help

Great stuff here. I had a leather shop make me a pouch (very basic -high quality leather - and cheap) to carry the thin Moleskin. It's just big enough to slip 3x5 cards into.

Now I need a 3x5 calendar. I want something that will print a monthly on a 3x5 card. print the month landscape. It will be small but plenty big to use in conjunction with the hipster and moleskin.

any feed back???

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1-face 3x5 monthly card

I tried making a 3x5 full-month calendar at one point, and it was so very tiny, by way of writing space, I couldn't see anyone being able to use it, which is why I decided to make 2-face monthly cards. If there are any requests for a 1-face, I should have no problem making one, but I can't guarantee that there will be much room to write!

BTW, are you interested in posting a picture of your new Moleskine pouch to the gallery? I'd be very curious to see how it turned out. (I'm thinking of making one of my own.)

all my best,

Cover for moleskin - planner

I use this thing as a small planner. I use to carry papers in my shirt pocket (still do) but most go into this cover and then to the back pants pocket.
That's why a 3x5 monthly calendar would be so nice. wouldn't have to reduce at a copy machine. ha
Yes, I would be glad to post pictures - with help and guidance. I have them in a jpg format on PC.

Yes, I agree a 3x5 monthly

Yes, I agree a 3x5 monthly would be small. I think it would do what I have in mind. It would not be used so much for writing events, times and stuff as would be for a reminder. The written stuff would be other places - pda as such, moleskin, the monthly calendar is so I don't have to carry a weekly, or daily planner.
Thanks again,

You can do a monthly 6 x 4

I use 6 x 4's and can run a "business month" on them.

5 columns, 3 rows per week.

Major things I write into the day but meetings etc I simply place a number in the appropriate day and then write the details on the back.

So maybe it can be done this way on a 3 x 5 too.

Just a thought



I need to see a whole month at a glance too, helps my time managment tremendously. I don't really need to be able to write anything on it (I do put dots and lines for exams and big trips or jobs though), just need to see the days. What I did was export a pdf from iCal and then bring it into photoshop to size it properly. iCal puts in a month before and after too, which i cut out to maximize the month i actually need. I then print these on my cards with one month on each side. It lets me keep a full years worth of planning in a relativly small space!

3x5 academic calendar

I've been using academic calendars for so long I can't get by without one. The first template I translated to hipster size (before I found D*I*Y) was my academic style calendar. It's just an Excel document, so it isn't very spiffy, but I've got the whole year printed up on one 3x5, six months a side. It's small, but it allows me to obsessively cross off days as they disappear, and I've got just enough room for the little arrows and symbols I use to denote exam dates and grade input periods etc. I've even got room along the side of the weeks for a one or two word note. It ain't pretty, but it works.


How about something like

How about something like this?