Other source for clear plastic Circa covers?

Intervention requested: please stop me from spending $10 for 2 notebooks' worth of clear plastic letter-size Circa covers. Is there a cheaper place to find comparable plastic covers?


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smurfing required

check you office supply store for Comb Binding Supplies. The clear covers I got were not as sturdy as I wanted but $12 got me 25 sheets. I'm going to back it with a couple of cardstock sheets front and back.

I can smurf!

Will the portable punch go through these clear covers okay? Or is the desk punch required?



The portable punch is as effective as the desk punch. It will smurf fine. I've done it on such material often.

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You are...

...a genius! I got a 25-pack of heavyweight frost white report covers for $16. They are a tad more opaque than the Levenger ones, and maybe 60% the thickness. They are not quite as wide, though, so the covers won't extend far enough to protect the tabs on dividers. I don't put dividers in my notebooks so that doesn't bother me one bit.


Are these the Rollabind covers ?

And if I am not being too nosy, where did you score them ?
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Not nosy at all!

I don't know if they are the same as the Rollabind ones or not. I got them at Office Max. The brand name is GBC. The label says they are "Clear View Presentation Covers".

I'm going to punch a few of them later today when I get to work. Silly me left my punch on my desk...what was I thinking?!?!

Ah, I understand

If I did my Googling properly, this stuff is no more than 10 or 15 mils thick (mil == gauge == 0.001 inch)

The Rollabind cover stock I have is 23 mils thick. Not as thick as the Levenger covers, but still pretty good.

Would 2 for $1 be a reasonable price ?
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You googled correctly, sir!

This is what I bought

I think it's 14 mils thick.

Are you selling some extra Rollabind cover stock? Is that what you meant about 2 for $1? If you are interested in trying out these GBC covers, I'd be happy to send you 2 sheets - I've got more than I need so I can share the love. :-) Let me know and we'll figure out a safe way to trade addresses.

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Yes, I'm selling

Thanks for the offer, but the stuff I have is almost twice as thick and about half of what I have is pre-smurfed.

If you want to try the cover stock I have, click on my name , then the Contact tab, and e-mail me.

Once I decide what to ask for this stuff, I'll put a "For Sale" post in the Bazaar
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With a firm squeeze...

...you can indeed punch these covers with the Circa portable punch. There were only two problems:

1. The guide is set up for 11" tall paper. These covers are like 11.25". You have to get creative to line them up for punching.

2. The punch isn't 100% clean. There were some little plastic shavings attached to the smurf holes when I was done. I think they can be cleaned up with a pair of sharp scissors, though.

Now if I only had some extra rings with me....

Have you used Levenger's

Have you used Levenger's Circa plastic covers before? If not, how do you know they're not worth the $10/- price tag for 2 sets of covers?

IMHO, $10/- is a great price for a great product. Go ahead, try them. After you've tried them, then you can decide whether you want to go and look for comparable plastic covers. I doubt you will.


...and I like them a lot. But I've got a beer budget, and Levenger's pricing is more toward the champagne end of the scale. :-)

Do you have any of those

Do you have any of those 5star mead notebooks around? or the folders? That weight should be punchable and be durable for a diy cover :D

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* smacks forehead *

Great idea! Thanks! :-D

gentle on that forehead :D

gentle on that forehead :D Thats what we are members for DIYPlanner for... to help and be helped :D Have fun smurfing!

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I've bought them on eBay for

I've bought them on eBay for pretty cheap...

Cheap is good!

The Levenger brand ones?

Any more suggestions?

I thought I'd bump this up and see if anyone else has found cheap materials comparable to Levenger covers. I LOVE Levengers covers and think they are worth the price but I just can't afford them at the moment.

Alternative covers for Levenger Circa notebooks

I've had good luck with the brand name GBC "Clear View Presentation Covers" from Office Max. It was $16 or so for a pack of 25.

Two things you'll have to remember: you'll need a Circa punch for these and it's not quite as thick as Levenger covers. I'd say get a set of the Levenger covers for a notebook that you'll be carrying around with you like a planner, but for using around the house, the GBC ones work fine.


Lol I got my covers all for

Lol I got my covers all for free while at chicago. My hotel was right next to the levenger store. I went like 6 times during my stay and got like 8 covers and rings of circa letter size plastic covers! I love that circa sample desk

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Other sources for Circa clear covers

Somewhere here someone suggested using placemats. I purchased a plastic placemat for .29 at a local thrift store. The placemat was pretty much the same type of plastic as the Circa clear binders and had a beautiful tropical print.
Using a large paper cutter blade (at work) I was able to cut the placemat in half then trim a few inches off the bottom. Using regular scissors I rounded the bottom edge where I'd cut the bottoms off. Next I used the placemat cut off bottom to trace the curve so the bottom ends wouldn't be sharp. Finally, I took each 'cover' and using my Circa punch (the heavy duty kind) I punched holes. Oh, I'd cut my cover length according to the size of the real deal, therefore, when I used the punch I had to not use the page size guide so that I could get the holes where they needed to be to hold the paper within the cover.
Long story short, it turned out beautiful and was super easy to do. Thank you to the person who orignally gave the placemat use suggestion. For .29 I have a new Circa notebook that rocks!


that is brilliant. I'm so trying that when I get some more discs and a punch.

Also try flexible cutting mats

Some of them are pretty thick - may be pricey to buy from kitchen supply store. I picked up my supply at Target in the markdown/closeout of the $1 spot section (several years ago)so they were 75% off of the regular $1 price. I bought a few then - wish I had bought all they had.


Flexible mats

I get those all the time from the local dollar store. The thinner ones work well as page finders, dividers, and pocket folders