Other than CIRCA?

Does anyone use something other than Circa anymore? Just curious. If you do, please give us a review of your current system!

The non-circa user,
nay nay

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Gee. Have we.....

become totally Circa-fied ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

It seems like we have

Ygor! I have tried Circa/Rollabind/Myndology, etc. I like the systems and I love that you can move the pages around. I love myndology's discs as they are colorful and "transparent," etc. BUT, here is the problem I run into... TOO MUCH TIME INVOLVED! I am trying to simplify my life, not complicate it more. I would like a simple system where I do not feel the need to make/develop a new template for each possibility in my life. When I am given the option to ADD things to my planner, I go overboard and spend way too much time making templates. I know that is the name of the game around here, and trust me I have had fun designing templates and using the templates here, but I just need to simplify! Also, I like Monthly views instead of weekly, so am having problems finding a small enough system (love pocket size) with enough room to write! UGH! The struggle continues.
Just wanted to hear from people who are not using Circa et al. It seems like well over half of the posts have something to do with discs. :)
Frustrated nay nay

But is it the rings?

I mean, can you really blame the rings? Would you not succumb with a more typical 3-ring binder-based system, too? Maybe it's DIYPlanner that's to blame? Too much creative juice flowing and the cross-pollination. :-)

Now, as to those month-at-a-glance ideas. Maybe a fold-out month page for the smaller page sizes? For instance, a 1/4 letter sized page, folded out, becomes a Classic-sized page. In fact, why not use a landscape 1/2 letter or A5 template, and just fold it in half, punch it on one side, and run with it? To go skinny, maybe a Z-fold.



Jon = great ideas with the fold out - just might have to fiddle with that!

THANKS! nay nay

Oh no!!!

More fiddling!!!



ha ha ha

Are you all making fun of me now? ;)

No! I"m......

........ laughing _with_ you! ;-)


oh yeah...

sure you are jon! :) giggles

I hear you..

... and I am doing the same thing. I expect, however, to settle into my methods once I figure out exactly what they are.

I started with comb binding, then went to rings, and finally ended up on discs.

I believe the forms and template madness is totally separate from the choice of binding.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I think I might be heading back to the ring bound stuff vs disc bound. Don't get me wrong, circa/rolla has its definate pluses for things but I like the flip n go of binder rings :D

:huggles for Nay Nay because I miss her comments:

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Sara - thanks for the huggles!! I haven't been around much since most of the posts were about Circa... I'm not bitter or anything, just bored! :) Always looking for something different!

Bored ? ! !

You could start topics of stuff YOU want to chat about -- like this one.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I have the means... I need

I have the means... I need more help getting to the organizational/productive utopia I know is out there...

I hang around the site because I love you peoples <3 and because I'm always on the internet ... Sad aint it? ;D

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I would like a simple system where I do not feel the need to make/develop a new template for each possibility in my life. When I am given the option to ADD things to my planner, I go overboard and spend way too much time making templates. I know that is the name of the game around here, and trust me I have had fun designing templates and using the templates here, but I just need to simplify!

Simplicity is one of the reasons that apart from pre-printed dated pages pretty much all my planner is blank --- containing just a stock of pre-punched blank paper (I use a filoFAX 6-ring binder; it is tedious to open/close the rings whereas Rollabind/Circa rings allow quick and easy page removal or transfer.)

A few ideas for templates present themselves as I use the blank pages. But only when I realise something needs to be formalised in the writing/recording do I start thinking about a new templagte. Or the pages have to be seen by someone else, for example, my professional development plan and learning journal pages that have to submit as part of my formal training to become a sign language inerpreter. My mentors and peers will have to scrutinise those so they need to be "pretty". But the layout for those templates (a meta-template if you will) is sketched on plain paper. The only other un-dated template I really want to create at the moment are record sheets for my workouts at the gym. But even those are being sketched on plain paper.

My maxim is not to consider design a template until I am absolutely sure I need it, which is the reason I haven't submitted any. And even then I may not actually create one.

Also my planner is ... well ... mine. It's organised to support me, my work, and my thoughts. That's why I threw away the contacts pages; In computing science or software engineering terms it's a optimising situation. I tweak the contents of my planner so it best supports me. While there are some lovely templates here and others find them really useful they don't satisfy my needs hence they remain unprinted.

Similarly for the Allen or Covey methodology, others here find their methods helpful and while I know what these gurus propose but for the greater part I ignore them. Their advice remains unheeded. Maybe some day (even soon) I may come across some situation where an Allen or Covey idea would be the best thing to support me. So far I've not found any of their ideas that do so.

Same here.

My planner is mostly blank (ruled) pages. I have a pre-printed tabbed monthly calendar, because I love my Palm but I like being able to see the whole month at once. (Also it's good to have a paper backup!) I occasionally use the DIY Daykeeper forms if I've got a busy week. Other than that, my planner is pretty much reference material and blank pages.

Typically I write what the page is about (e.g. "Class Schedule") at the top right, and then write down the info/to-do list/whatever. I do have tabbed sections, though, to keep everything straight: blank pages in front, then a journal tab, then my calendar, school section (with sub-tabs for each class), and reference pages.

It's a simple setup. I have copies of lots of DIY pages sitting unused in my office...

[ web site ]

for me i am all about KISS i

for me i am all about KISS i have rule sheets and grid sheets. also have to do lists and address lists. but all of it commercial

everything that needs doing can be done with one or another.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Simple pages


I'm about simple too. I have replaced all my fancy forms with a scratch pad of the same general size as my planner.

In my planner I keep daily pages, months, next actions, and contacts. That's it. The rest goes on my scratch pad (made of misprints). Papers either go from the scratch pad to the trash or to my files. I do have a couple of other forms I use bound up into separate books (password hints and other reference items), but not in my planner.

So when I take meeting notes, it's on my scratch pad. When I jot down voicemails, it's on the scratch pad. When I jot down temporary items as I move from one screen to another in my software, scratch pad. Instructions from the boss during a phone call, scratch pad. When I'm done with whatever task, I'll move the items to next actions or files or trash.

On my scratch pad, the bottom sheet is a heavily printed bold grid. The next sheet up from the bottom is the 'active' sheet. This overlays the grid so you can see the grid through the active sheet. So I can write straight, draw pictures, etc. with no need to print an actual form. This is nice because there's no need for me to spend time printing out forms all the time. Just cut the misprints (classic size), punch and bind.

My meeting notes, for example, are sort of a minds' eye form. Title/subject across the top. Date/time upper right. Under the date, the list of invited participants, with asterisks if they 'accepted' the meeting, and checkmarks if they showed up. Agenda on the left under the title. Under the agenda, the notes of the conversation--takes up the rest of the page front and back and sometimes spills onto another page or two if the conversation is long and busy. Page number goes next to the date/time, in a circle.

I suppose if you were really into the scratch pad idea, you could make some extra-bold forms to sit on the bottom instead of the grid. I don't really feel the need at this point. I don't really need lines as long as I know where I generally write stuff.


I like that.

I like the idea of the grid beneath your current sheet... I'll have to try that out!

Thank you Shris for another wonderful idea :D

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My problem with blank...

.... is that I'm a horribly sloppy writer, and disorganized, so my pages look horribly sloppy very quickly. I have been using the ETP with it's small square (on A5 paper), and also A7-sized sheets for todos, and by the end of the day, I sometimes can't figure out what I wrote!

_That's_ why I like forms, but this grid idea _below_ the sheet I'm writing on... Now that's an idea! Need to percolate that one. ;-) (yes, I'm drinking my first cuppa the day)


The Proverbial Spider

I too have bad handwriting that I commonly refer to as WORN (write-once; read never). This the reason that I don't use a planner less than A5 size; a smaller page real estate cramps my writing too much and I can't read it. I'll try the grid as well but in the past when I've used grid-sheets and lined-sheets underneath they haven't really helped because I have no problem in writing straight it's writing itself that is the problem. I have found that orienting the planner at 45 degrees helps me to form the letter-shapes better (aka makes them more readable).

There's a blank monthly template

I just forget where it is...

Anyway, I print it on the blank side of an index card. After filling in the dates for the month, I put a symbol or a letter on the days where I have things going on, e.g., $ for a payment due, or A for an appointment. Then I flip to the back of the card to write in the date and whatever else I need to know about what's happening that day. June was a busy month: I had to insert another card behind that month's calendar to capture everything. That's where the disk system comes in handy.

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

i use circa and do not use

i use circa and do not use templates. at all. just use the paper they have. it sounds to me like you have more template issues than anything.

that said have you tried filofax? they have so many templates that you never need to make one.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

My brain dump is a binder

My brain dump is a binder ring and a stack of 3x5 inch cards. Its so simple and can me carried anywhere.

I found a picture on flickr LINK ... I really love have the hole center, I can write in any direction and the ring doesn't have to be in my way.

I'm getting into the 'bookmaking mood' again... I am sure I will be changing my system around to include a hand made quarter page sized something soon :)

Nay Nay, how is your moleskine working for you? :)

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Well.... my moleskine.... loved it.... got bored.... switched to something else.... IMAGINE THAT! LOL! UGH - I really do drive myself NUTS!

So, here is what I currently am using!
I bought a regular old monthly pocket calendar - dimensions are 6 3/4" X 3 1/2" Perfect size for me! And my checkbook slips in the back as it is pretty much the same size. Love the size and love that it is just a simple calendar. Here is where the problem comes in... No room for notes, to do lists, shopping lists, errands to run, things to buy, projects, etc. Now, I know I said I want simple, but a girl still has to have somewhere to keep her lists and stuff! I have been printing out some lists templates on index cards and throwing them in the front pocket of the calendar, but I dislike having to pull them all out to find the one I need. However, I like that I can pull out the shopping list and put the calendar away when shopping.

UGH again - positives and negatives for EVERY system! Sara, may need to take lessons from you on bookmaking - maybe I could make a skinny book like the checkbook to slip in the front of the calendar to hold my lists???

Ahhh paper dreams,
nay nay


We should collaborate. I'll sketch up some ideas and you can let me know what you think. Bookmaking is easier than it sounds... it has the air of being an elite practice but anyone can do it. Innowen's instructions here on DIYPlanner are great. Plus I can recommend supplement websites and books.

After just a moment of contemplating your needs - How about a slim book with a flexible cover and spine with a pocket on the front for your current slip list or reciept, a pocket inside the cover for more storage and perhaps your checkbook and then enough pages to hold you over... ?

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I'm liking it Sara! I was just reading Innowen's post on bookmaking too! Great info!

Would you want blank pages?

Would you want blank pages? and approximately how many? ... I think too many could make the book bulky but if you keep to a flexible type cover, that shouldn't be a huge issue.

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Well, I was thinking it would be perfect to have a few pages for specialized lists and then the rest would have lined pages for whatever. Mind you, this is all for my personal stuff - nothing work related. So, the lists I am speaking of are the multitude of projects and ideas for remodeling my 105 year old home which is falling apart around me. I like to have a list with me at all times so that if I come upon a possible item that will fix something in my house, I have the info on that part of the house (measurements, etc.).

But, yes, the goal here would be a SLIM notebook!

Right now, my cover looks like a plastic checkbook cover - do you know what I mean? Works well because it has the two pockets - front and back - which hold the monthly calendar in and my check register...

I really like the idea of making a pocket on the very front - possibly use it for my errand and shopping lists!!

Okay I've added this to my

Okay I've added this to my 'current projects' list.... and its top on my "ooo this is gonna be fun" meter. :D

I'll see what I can come up with and get in touch with you. Mind if I "contact" tab you? :D

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This all sounds GREAT Sara! Thanks for helping me out!! You are helping me get out of my planning slump! Yes, you can contact tab me!


I'm still using a Hipster I started way back when I thought I was going to do NaNaoWriMo. The principle is I always have pen and paper with me (plus other stuff like stamps, envelopes, address labels, checks, mini resume). At work I reprint Project Notes scaled up to letter on scrap. It works for todo lists, graphs, scrap info and whatever else I scribble.

I haven't made the jump to

I haven't made the jump to circa yet.

Right now I'm using a classic sized planner as a homebase, though it isn't getting that much use anymore and may find itself in a closet any day now. It's just that it was a gift, and you know how that goes.

I also have a hipster that I keep on a single binder ring. This has all my lists and processed project notes and things like that. Couldn't live without it.

For notes I have a Rhodia pad that I have rigged out as a pigpog pda. I only use this for capture though, and then everything important gets added into it's approrpriate place in the hipster.

That's about it. I've tweeked so much since I started my little quest for the perfect planner. I'm sure I'll be tweeking more in the future, but right now it seems like I have a system together that works pretty well for me.

Circa waffling

About 6 weeks ago I had a little financial windfall and finally splurged on the leather foldover junior circa I've been drooling over for well over a year. When it arrived, I printed up lots of nifty templates, worked with it for a few weeks...and discovered I was spending way too much time working my planner, as opposed to actually working. I was writing the same to-do's down in multiple places because I just didn't trust my brain.

Then I ran across a blog post on GSD (Getting Sh*t Done, as opposed to GTD, with apologies to David Allen...) and a lightbulb went off. I pulled out a lovely little journal I bought two or three years ago that was always too nice to use and did a massive brain dump. Every single to-do I could think of, big or small, got listed on the first few pages. Then I skipped a few pages for good measure, wrote the next day's date at the top of a page and transferred a manageable number of things to do from the master list to that page. Every morning, I sit down for a few minutes, review the master list, and schedule a few daily to do's. Any new to do's go straight on the master list. At the end of the day, anything I didn't get done automatically gets moved to the next day's list. It's quick, it's simple, and the book is small enough to carry anywhere.

I still use an old Palm M130 for contacts and appointments, but knowing I have one place to record everything I need to do has been a huge mental relief.


I just had one thought

I just had one thought Pam... (I'm not trying to be difficult lol)
Have you considered using your circa for the same thing? Have a brain dump and then a page for your current day?

I read through GSD too - I'll have to take a gander again - sounds like this might be something to try. :D

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I did give that a try

For me, at least, the junior circa was too big to easily carry in my everyday bag, but not big enough to comfortably take a lot of notes in so I ended up with loose papers everywhere. I work on a lot of small projects, so I'm back to a legal pad for meeting notes that get filed in my project folders, plus my little book. I may give the Circa another try at some point. I love the foldover leather cover so I'm sure I'll find a good use for it eventually!

GSD Link, please

I tried "GSD" and the words spelled out.

Google returns way too many hits on that search for me to feel confident I can find the blogs you are talking about.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Here you go!

GSD Try it, you'll like it!

GSD Try it, you'll like it!

what's working at the moment...

After studying a lot of good ideas from this site and a lot of waffling back and forth on size, format, etc., I have come to a few conclusions about my planner:
1. It must stay with me at all times, therefore it must fit into my purses and not weigh a ton.
2. It has to have a pen attached.
3. It has to be ring not spiral bound.
4. It can’t really have a zipper binder, because then I cram all sorts of stuff in and it all falls out whenever I open it.
5. I’m too klutzy for a stack of cards, even with a ring.
6. I don’t have the patience or the time to break each task down, make detailed task lists, etc. I know I won’t stick with it - it’s gotta be simple if I’m going to do it. Fortunately I’ve been at my job for so long that simple reminders and an appointment schedule are all I need usually.
7. I need a few pages of my own for stuff that I need to keep up with – bills to be paid, my family’s medications to refill, books to look for.
I found a little Mead pocket planner with rings at Wal-Mart for about $5.00 and tossed most of the pages that came with it. I made dividers from 3x5 cards and write-on sticky tabs.
I used the month-at-a-glance calendar and clear ruler bookmark from an old mini Dayrunner, so I can see upcoming things like birthdays. Since I'm a bit technologically challenged, I just used Microsoft word to make my pages: I listed all my bills and made 2 month per page columns to check off when they are paid. Same with all my family’s medications – I date and check off when I get them refilled. The “Shop” section has pages for Groceries, Other and Christmas. “List” section is books, movies and music to get from the library or rental store. “Numbers” has a couple of pages for “Important Numbers” in no particular order. Includes printer cartridge refill numbers, password hints, special days (birthdays, etc.) I have one of those little fold-up credit card size address books in my wallet that I’ve used for years so I don’t need a lot of address pages. “Stuff” section is just that – my stuff. Quotes, notes, ideas for the party I’m planning and some pages for upcoming personal projects.
I keep a week or so worth of daily pages – my daily set-up is 2 pages, one dated that I call the Day Tracker, with times listed for appointments and a space at the bottom for notes. The opposite page is a To Do list at the top and a blank space called the IN BOX for jotting stuff that will go someplace else when I have time. This page is undated so I can move it forward if necessary. I have a future planning page for long term stuff. I have a little plastic zip bag with stickers, address labels and emergency cash. I have a tiny little binder clip on the front for receipts and coupons.
I punch holes one at a time with a .99 punch. The pages aren’t pretty, but they work for me – I’m actually using this. I’d really like to go up to the next bigger size - 3 ¼ x 6 ¾ (I think), my eyesight not being what it used to be, but the only ring bound ones I’ve found are really bulky. Oh well, this is working – for now. I’ve ordered a nice little leather binder and trying not to buy anything else - unless I can ever find a purple one (all you people bragging about your “grapemist” stuff make me very jealous...look for my rejects in the Bazaar soon…I could practically open a store.

Lisa P.

I like how you've tweaked

I like how you've tweaked your system for you... Is it possible for you to share some pictures?

How large is your Mead pocket planner? how many rings does it have?

I see nothing wrong with using a single hole punch. Mine is constantly being moved from room to room to follow me... I would be lost with out it. :D

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I'll try to get some photos up this weekend. My binder is about 3 1/2 wide by 5 1/2 tall. It has 6 rings. At first it seemed really small to me, but as long as I keep my pages fairly "clean" - without a lot of tiny boxes and lines to fill in - I'm ok with it. Also,the pen loop will hold a full-size pen if it's not too fat, which I really like.

Lisa P.

leather binder


You mentioned buying a leather binder -- that works with the 6 x 3.5 Mead paper? I've been looking all over for such a thing! I too use the pocket-size Mead binder and love it (and the 89-cent paper refills!), except for the lack of pockets and the, er, vinylness of it. Where did you find a nice one?


another non-circa user

Hi nay nay,

I am a non-circa user too. Even if it was available in Australia or if I didn't have to auction an elderly relative to pay the international postage, I still wouldn't buy it as I'd get sick of fiddling with it very quickly.

My planner has to be small enough to fit into a small bag/purse as I refuse to carry large planners everywhere. I did that in the '80's and I've decided I'd rather have back my time than play with too much paper for the sake of playing with it. :D

My planner is -
- a fobster attached to my keys which contains general contact info, phone numbers, summary of bus timetables, grocery check list, etc, etc.
- a small moleskine 18-month planner, for personal appointments etc.
Bought on sale as I'm usually too cheap to pay for a planner ;)
- a 1 page-month print of my work Outlook appointments for the current month. I have to use Outlook at work and can't avoid it
- a small Hipster journal/notepad (10 to 15 3x5 cards held together with a rubber band).

I agree with you about the disc discussions. Now I'm avoiding any posts which mention Circa, Rollabind, Levenger, or Discs.
:D Which is why it took me a while to notice that this wasn't yet another circa worship post. :D


YEAH!!! So happy to hear I am not the only one here who is not using CIRCA! I like your set up and was just thinking this weekend about making a fobster for my keychain! I also have to use Outlook at work and was trying to figure out how to incorporate that. We seem to be on the same page with just about everything. I have many circa products, but like you said, I got sick of fiddling with it! I was driving myself crazy constantly "tweaking" it and finally said enough! I just want simple!

Well, Katrina - so good to hear from you. If you come up with any new non-circa planners, let me know! I will do the same. Right now, I think I will be copying your set up as it seems simple and complete!

happy day,
nay nay

good news.

I use Circa but several of my "hacks" can be used for other systems :)

I used to have a 6 ring 6.75x3.75 inch planner glued to my side at all times... I couldn't exist without it. That lasted for years...

I'm in a big transition phase these days... so I may be converting to a non-circa based setup and just keep circa for my journal/sketch book setup. Not sure yet ...

but be sure not to hate all of us over here on "the dark side" ;D

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Thanks nay nay

I've found the Fobster very useful. It's especially good for those snippets of information that you need but are a pain to find in a larger planner.

I found a keyring at one of those shops that sells cheap stationery and gifts from China. Anyway, the keyring is designed for photos or business cards. I either print on cardstock or write notes on the back of business card. When they're in the fobster I can spread them out like a tiny fan and find the info I need.

You could create the a similar fobster with 2 pieces of plastic about the size of a business card with hole in the top left corner and a stud-style earring, or stickpin, or a file ring stuck through the hole.

This page might help you with your fobster - http://www.scrapbook-crazy.com/keyring-mini-album.html

I got a pile of "whoops we printed that wrong" business cards from a printer for $2 for 1,000. They were happy to get something for their mistake. :D

All of that suits my cheapskate nature ;-)

Did you find the right system?

nay nay, did you find something that worked for you?

I've tried many systems

I've tried many systems including Franklin-Covey, GTD, and even using CIRCAs. I was always searching for something better.

I've now simplified my life to a 3 ring binder from Staples (the ones that have a rubber hinge and edges for durability) and college rule notebook filler paper. A Palm T3 keeps my contacts and calendars (its what they do best).

I split the paper down the center. The left column I place my task. The righ column is for my notes. If I run over, I just another sheet. For large entries, again I just use another sheet.

All I want to do now is find filler paper with a different color. One color for work and the other for personal.

Without any forms, I'm free to write as I please without restrictions or boundaries.

Cheap, simple, and flexible.


Still messin' around

I am still messing around with my planner, but the new goal is to SIMPLIFY! I want to simplify everything in my life! So, like Tom, I am trying to go as plain and simple as I can. I am using Outlook for calendar, contacts, to-do's, and notes. I am either going to dust off the old Palm or purchase a Treo (or something similar). Right now, I print my personal calendar once a month and throw it in my billfold. When the month is over, I transfer any written items back into Outlook and done! No paper floating around with notes on it. And no need to run all over the house or office trying to track down that one note or figure out when my last oil change was. I just do a search. So, I continue down the road of tweaking the current system to hopefully someday come up with the PERFECT system! I have found that the system has to be different for every individual!

Thanks for all of the feedback - keep it coming!
nay nay

Simplicity is usually a very good thing

I find it easier to add things into a simple system if I need them that to try to find the sense in a complex system.

It sounds like you're doing well on finding what suits you.

I'm lucky in that my work stays at work. So even though I might get many appointments on 5 minutes notice, or projects due the same day, I don't have to worry too much about juggling work with my home life.

Unfortunately, I can't take the electronic PDA route as the organisation I work for doesn't allow the use of any USB-linking hardware with our computers but the software is too advanced for the serial linking Palms :( I don't own a laptop and entering all my appointments onto a palm would be a nightmare. Hence, the simplicity of a printout and a pen for updates.

I'm still using the pocket sized Moleskine 18-month diary/datebook but I've stopped using index cards as a journal. Instead I'm using stickynotes in the diary as memory and thought prompters. And I'm now using a weekly print of the outlook calendar

Size DOES Matter

Since starting a new job almost five months ago, I have been on the planner merry-go-round. My collection of "tools" has grown, in number and size. For a while I was using letter sized stuff. Too big! I don't and won't carry it around. I've used notecards, a pocket Moleskine, circa-fied notecards, pocketmods, FC satellite books, and now I'm back to the Classic size FC...along with a PDA since I also have to keep my calendar on Outlook at the office. The PDA is fine for calendaring and contacts, but that's really all I use it for (good thing my employer paid for it, or I'd be feel like I wasted my money).

About three weeks ago I purchased a quarter pack from FC (I'm getting smarter if nothing else, knowing that three full months with the same system might even be unrealistic). I'm three weeks into it, and I'm using it sporadically at best. It's still too big!

With a new year looming on the horizon, I'm beginning to think about simplifying too, nay nay. I'm strongly considering going back to a pocket sized FC planner. That way I can still have my tabs (I love those), AND have a small binder (a necessity for me). The only down side is that the "pocket" size does not, in fact, fit inside any of my pockets. I'm ok with that, though, as the only thing I'm currently carrying in my pocket is my Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase. This works great for capturing notes on the fly. I'd get the FC Trimline if the binders weren't so expensive.

I like all of my tools to be small, i.e. ipaq, shirt pocket briefcase, moleskine, circa pda in my car, etc. My planner also needs to be small. I think I just talked myself into purchasing a pocket planner again. Thanks nay nay!