d.i.y. as financial aid?

As I write I am in a hotel room just a short distance from a Covey store. I had some time to kill so I went in earlier and bought..... nothing! The whole time I was there I kept thinking, ooh, pretty shiny new forms/I could make those myself with d.i.y. templates. So, I spent nothing thanks to d.i.y. Does this mean that I can buy some Circa stuff now?

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Get yourself a nice treat

Get yourself a nice treat for all that self control :D ((I'm a bad influence, aren't I?))

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The nearest Levenger

The nearest Levenger store is about 2 hours from the hotel where I'm staying... not as close as the Covey store. I can't make it tonight and if I try to make it tomorrow after my meeting I'll get home too late. Darn.