For Sale: Red Fountain Pen

You guys are going to have to forgive my wretched digital photography skills. The closeup shots turned out okay but I don't know what happened on the other picture. :-)

I bought this red fountain pen a few years ago. It's been sitting in a drawer for a long time and now it needs a new home.

It wrote very well, as far as I could tell. (I'm not a fountain pen afficionado.) I probably didn't clean it properly, so expect to give it a little TLC. The barrel is a swirly translucent sparkly red. There's a neat Greek key design around the bottom of the cap, and there is odd decoration on the clip (looks like two eyes and two nostrils to me).

There is no brand name on the pen, but I remember paying about $40 for it. I'm asking $15. I'll ship it to you in a padded envelope (protected by cardboard) by whichever method you prefer. You pay shipping cost.

Thanks for looking!

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The brand is probably 'Genius'

I picked up a fountain pen at flea market with the same type of clip -- someone here IDed the elephant head clip as being the sign of a Chinese company called 'Genius.' (Most of them also have a stylized flower, white on black, on the end of the cap.)

Apparently they aren't worth very much, but I really like mine. It's eye catching (Orangy-red marble with gold cap) and it writes well enough.

Ah, here's where I posted about the pen:

An elephant!

Ha! I think this is the same kind of pen. The clip does look like an elephant! :-)


I have a couple questions

I have a couple questions :D

Do you know what size nib it has?

Also, what kind of ink does it take... filling wise I mean... cartridges or bottled? and how does it fill?

That is a gorgeous pen... :)

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I think it's pretty, too! :-)

It takes cartridges. I don't know if there are different sizes of fountain pen cartridges, though. These are shortish, round, and have a slight taper on one end. I don't have any of them (I just used the one that came with the pen) to send with it, sorry. :-(

The nib is mediumish, I think. And a bit dirty. I was not the best fountain pen mom!

mailing the pen


Please wrap the pen in cardboard before putting it in the envelope. Even with a padded envelope, pens can be damaged.


Thanks for the tip! :-)


Is this pen still for sale? :]

A question for the fountain pen peoples:
A good flushing should be enough to clear out any residue from old ink... right?

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You should be fine with a

You should be fine with a solid flush of water. If the pen completely diassembles, then you would be golden!

Should, yes. Assuming, of

Should, yes. Assuming, of course, that no one has done anything dumb like using India ink in it or something similar that does not go in fountain pens.

Although, I just bought a pen for my mom with a very gummed-up nib, which the guy who was resaccing it for me discovered. It required disassembling the nib, putting it in an ultrasonic cleaner for about 20 minutes, and then scraping the ink out of the channels on the feed! Ew!

Sorry for the delay in my reply...

...of like, months. Duh! Yes, this pen is still looking for a new home.

I'll take it if still available...paypal?

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