Sara goes Digital???

Got to work today and asked my boss to help me repair my cell phone charger. Bad cat chewing plus a blunder on part broke the white wire in two :( I sat for almost an hour holding the lil wires together so my phone would charge ... very not fun.

He gave me... get this...

an IBM "WorkPad c3" !!! Its in the box and everything is with it and it works... he has no use for it!!!

Could this be the beginning of a Digital organizer ala Sara ? I can't wait to get home and play - I mean use it maturely. ;D

stay tuned...

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Sara - Digital???

OMG - Another toy! YEAH! I am excited for you Sara - hope you like the new toy... Let us know what you think about digital!
Have fun playing!
nay nay :)

Its kind of funny since I

Its kind of funny since I have been oogling PDAs since a good friend got one in college. She always had very expensive tastes and had gorgeous date books and planners... then she went digital and I never could compete ;)

I will keep everyone posted :D

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Ooooooo !!

Shiny ! Pretty !
(no work out of Sara for the next several hours)

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

LOL my bosses reply to my

LOL my bosses reply to my squeal of delight was "its not new or anything... and you might have to spend some time finding the software online" ... I still have a goofy huge grin :D

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"A clone of the Palm Vx"

This info should simplify life.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

The comments were in French

The comments were in French :( I found this site: LINK

Have you ever used one? or know how easy it is to do stuff with? :)

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French and German, ...

but the important tidbit is that it is a Palm V clone, so you can look for support and freeware under that heading rather than an IBM Werkpad :)

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Palm Vx - great pda!

I had (and still have, somewhere) a Palm Vx and it's a great little pda, so I suspect Sara's clone will be just as nifty. Carried mine for years. Congrats on the gift! It has a lot of potential for you. A couple of tips:

1) sync often
2) keep it charged; if it runs out of juice, it goes back to default (meaning your stuff isn't there anymore), hence Tip #1. :D

(Tips based on the assumption that the clone is the same or very close to the Palm Vx. YMMV, of course.)

I'm looking forward to

I'm looking forward to reading all the goodies in the box. The manual looks pretty substantial.

Can you charge it even if its not low on battery power?

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Yes, you can keep it charging on the cradle even when fully charged; it won't hurt it.

You can also go to Palm's website for more general information about the Palm Vx. See here:

Palm PDAs are great. I've carried one since about 1999. The Vx form factor is one of the favorites in the PDA community. We have been clamoring for Palm to release it again, but with the most recent operating system.

If you really get into it, you might want to pick up an external keyboard for it. They work great and the ones for the Vx are super cheap now (like $1 to $5 plus shipping) at places like and eBay b/c it is an older model. Here's a photo:

I still have my keyboard, though my Palm Vx is no more.

Lastly, the Palm Vx (and presumably the IBM Workpad) has a history of developing digitizer problems over time, such that the screen registers your tap in a different location than the one you physically touched. If this happens, install DigiFix, which can realign your device even after it has gotten horribly misaligned.

Enjoy it!

Palm Vx

I had a Vx for years. Wonderful machines. My new Tx is making me pretty darned happy, though...

[ web site ]

Thank you for such great

Thank you for such great info :D

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That's awesome. Enjoy!

[ web site ]

It was fully charged :D and

It was fully charged :D and I loaded everything onto my home computer... I only entered one address so far - mine.

I like this thing... this small compact electronic personal information manager... :D I can't wait to spend more time exploring what I can do with it.

I like the keyboard in it over the graffiti... not sure if its because I type so darned fast and take pride in my penmanship or what. I fear I might reduce myself to the graffiti alphabet while writing with a pen n paper?

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My boss told me there should be new 'software' for my pda... can anyone guide me in the right direction? I did some searching a couple days this week but couldnt find an actual thing to download. :(

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Hi Sara,

Try this:

They have a great selection of FREE pda software and very helpful forums (at least they used to...I haven't visited since my PDA dies and I decided to go back to paper).



Thank you so much! I look forward to checking it out after work :D Last minutes jobs are SOOoOOOo annoying hehe.

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