Monthly letter landscape needed

Hi there,
I have thoroughly enjoyed working on my Circa planner. Currently, I have the week on one page, with the opposite page being notes. My circa is the Jr. size. I would like to have a monthly foldout page on letter size paper in the landscape format. Does such a thing exist?

Thanks much!

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Try some of these links:

Try some of these links:

I'm sure one of them will have exactly what you are looking for :)

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Thanks, great links

Those are really good sites. Thanks, Sara.

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filoFAX does one

Not quite what you were looking for, I presume, as it's not D*I*Y but filoFAX does the exact form that you are looking for. I use this very form in my own planner; you can view a sample on the filoFAX web site. Might give someone an idea.

What about... ? Just do a landscape format

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