Journal Wallet

My girlfriend is going to Paris and I covered some composition notebooks with some nice papers and made a fabric wallet for them that has a pocket for one notebook and several other pockets for ticket stubs and whatever ephemera she may pick up. Unfortunately I have somehow managed to delete the pictures I took of it. When she gets back, I will have to get some new pics.
Really it was an excuse to break out the new sewing machine, as my old one is notoriously tempermental.
The wallet had 3 sections that fold in on themselves and it is secured with wrapping a cord around a pretty button.
I already have a similar idea to use a the cover of a nice and small photo album to create a case to hold my mp3 player, headset, headphones and chargers.

And I discovered I might actually like to sew.

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I look forward to the pictures Star - sounds VERY DIY! I need an excuse as well to get out the sewing machine!

nay nay

how'd i miss this thread?

I'm with Nay Nay... pictures would be great! :D

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Pictures of Sara and Nay-Nay ?!

Ooooo !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


nay nay


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Would it be possible to

Would it be possible to upload a pattern to the template page? Or perhaps just basic step-by-step instructions? It sounds very useful. I love sewing, but haven't been doing much lately. :)

Thanks (and I'm looking forward to the pics along with everyone else). :D

Sure thing

Thanks for the postive responses! And yes I will try to have some instructions with some illustrations up soon. I am hoping to get actual pictures late next week, but since the item in question is no longer in my possession, it might prove a little more difficult.

;P its just a reason to make

;P its just a reason to make another one to sell in the Bizarre thread hehe

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Did someone just nudge me?

Nudge, Nudge...wink, wink...

Hmmm, of course I could sell the pattern, too....(My mom is a quilter and I am thinking of all of the quilters who would be willing to buy the pattern. Quilters just love patterns!)


Instructions as promised

Before I begin a couple of notes:
*Composition books can vary in size. Just from googling, I found size ranges from 8 1/2" by 7" to 9 3/4" to 7 1/2".
*I didn't go into great amounts of detail, if you feel I should explain something more thoroughly or clarify something let me know.
*I have a heavy duty sewing machine which is made to sew through multiple layers and/or heavier fabric, most machines may not have such an easy a time as mine did.

Using the composition book, I built the dimensions of my wallet around it. (I do have drawings and I will try to link to them on Sunday)

I wanted three sections with pockets. The middle section had one pocket for the composition book, and the section on the right had 3 pockets of the same width but with different heights. The tallest pocket has a cover flap.
The left section had 2 smaller pockets; with one small one position on top of the larger one.

The sections fold in on themselves like a tri-fold wallet, but with the top flap slightly shorter than the other two sections. I attached a ribbon to the edge of the top flap and it wraps around a button sewn on the outside of the right section. This way the wallet can be fastened shut.

1. I cut a piece of fusible interfacing (I don't know the exact type but it was like very thin quilt batting) to the dimensions of my wallet unfolded. I also cut a piece of stiff (but still bendable) fusible interfacing slightly smaller than the first piece(no more than 1/8" on all sides) as this becomes the foundation for the inside of the wallet.

2. For the cover, I chose black microsuede and cut a piece that was larger than the fusible interfacing. I made the microsuede piece two to three inches larger that the piece of interfacing in height and width. I also tested a scrap to make sure that I could bond the two pieces with an iron without having the microsuede melt or discolor. Once fused, fold the corners down first, then fold down the edges and glue or pin so your edges will be finished when you sew the outside and inside together.

3. With the stiff interfacing, I used my composition book to determine where the folds needed to be and folded the interfacing. I unfolded the interfacing and fused it to fabric I chose for the inside. For the interior, I used a black on black cotton print and fused it to the stiff interfacing. I folded down the corners and then folded over the edges using glue to secure.

4. For the pockets and pocket cover flap, I used a black and white print. I cut a double layer of fabric on the fold, since I used the fold as the bottom of my pocket. I turned the piece inside out on the fold and sewed both sides shut. I then turned the piece right side out. With the little bag, I folded the unfinished edges into the bag and sewed shut. That edge became the top of the pocket. I then did this for all the pieces that became pockets and also for the piece that became a flap.

5. Using my fold lines and the composition book as a guide, I positioned the pocket for the composition book in the middle. I secured with water-soluble glue, but I hate to use pins. I then sewed the bottom and the sides of the pocket onto the interior section made with the stiff interfacing. When pockets were layered, the top layers of pockets were sewn onto lower layers before the lower layers were attached to the interior section.

6. Once all of my pockets were attached, I sewed the outside and inside together along the outside edge. I also sewed a ribbon between the two layers before they were sewn together in this step. To fasten shut, the ribbon wraps around a button that is sewn to the right of the top layer when the journal is folded closed.

journal wallet drawings

Green is drawing of journal wallet closed. Other drawing is of wallet open with pink representing pockets


looks great!

So does the journal go into a pocket or is there a sleeve to slide the back cover into? I really like the look of this but have problems sewing. I'm really not that talented without a pattern. LOL I can't wait to see pics of the real thing. How long did this take to make?

Journal pocket

The journal goes in a pocket in the middle section on the inside. I will do my best to get pics!

Journal Wallet Pictures!!!!!

Okay, I got lucky and was able to obtain temporary custody so I could get some pics. And because of me she went to a Paris cafe and drank really good coffee while sitting outside writing in her journal. She said it is going to be one of her most treasured memories. She said she never would have done it had I not suggested she should when I gave her the journal wallet. Gotta love girlfriends who take a hint! :)
Now I just need to figure out a way to get myself over there....hmmm.

Pictures can be found here: LINK

It ain't perfect, but it was my first try and I still think I did okay.

[6/20/07 tweaked link ~Sara]

Great job

You did a great job on the journal wallet.
You could go into business with that.