Pens on sale in Montreal and online sale

I went on a day trip to Montreal yesterday and went to all my usual haunts including my regular supplier of pens and ink.

At La Boutique du Stylo, they are having a major end of season sale. I got a brand spanking new (snazy black Carbonesque with rhodium accents) Namiki Vanishing Point for 199.00$ Canadian + taxes. That is an an incredible price for new VPs. I checked their online stores and they are on sale there too. An incredible deal! Lot's of other pens on sale as well, such as the Parker Sonnets, since Parker is phasing them out.

I am not affiliated to them. Just a faithful customer for the last twenty years.

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That's the same model I have, and I adore it. Enjoy!

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Love, love, love

John Culmer from La Maison du Stylo were talking about my new pen and he showed me his own Vanishing Point, an original plastic one, bought in Tokyo in 1948, the year they were launched. It was a brownish maroon, slightly lighter than today's metal models. I'm jealous.

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