For my Daily repeats

I'm working on ideas to help get myself going again... planner wise. I've hit one of those bumps in the road to planner zen.

I have many things that I do every day ... most the time I don't forget but on days I do - it can have a real impact.

Due to circa/rolla being my current setup, the following will be circa/rolla based but should be applicable to all systems.

I will take pieces of light weight card stock and cut them so they require two smurfs to hold them in place (approx two inches). I will write down on daily task on each and then attach them to either my current day in my main planner OR my hPDA (depending on which is by my side) - when I complete a task, I will either flip it over OR move it to a different pair of rings (and flip). This way at the end of the day, anything thats still staring at me can be done and I don't lie in bed thinking "now what did I forget to do..."

I'm considering color coding them... and maybe even having 'Weekly Repeats' too.

This could become a completely separate system. I might have to get going on the "DOCK" idea to test this too. A ring bound mini-dex or even the new micro hPDA should work. A divider card of a different color could be used - finished task after.

This will hopefully save me from writing the same stuff over and over again (which obviously I don't really do since I forget things :( ) and will also allow me to see how much I still have to do before settling down with a hot cup of tea and some classical music.

:) Stay tuned - I'm bound to blog this sooner or later - depending on how it works.

I'm curious, how do you handle repeating daily 'chores' or the like?

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Repeating tasks?

I would be very interested in figuring out a good system for repeating tasks as well. One thing that I thought about is making a list of daily tasks, weekly tasks, etc. One thing that I thought about doing was making the list, and laminating it before sticking it into my Circa planner. I'm not sure if I will use a write on/wipe off pen or not, as it would be another pen to keep track of.

I'd love to hear other ideas.


I thought about that too but there is that pesky "other pen" and having to check it off... I think just unattaching and flipping a card or cards would be an easier thing to manage repeatedly.

I really hope this idea works... I'm tired of writing things over... and over... and over... and heheh

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Repeating tasks

What I'm doing with mine: When I finish a repeating task in my hhPDA I take the card out, write the new due date on a sticky note, and put the card with note in its chronological place. Kinda like 43 folders in my pocket....

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Moveable flags

I just started using moveable flags that are like sticky notes but made of plastic and I write the task on the flag with a thin Sharpie. I then move it forward to the correct day in my agenda. If the laundry has to be adjusted to another date because of an out of town trip, I can easily adjust the day of the week with this method. So far---one month, it is working for me.

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repeating tasks and obsessive compulsive disorder :)

I like to minimize my untidy writing and print my lists up, so I have a dedicated printer above my desk at work that's just set to do index cards. I keep all pages for my hPDA in an Excel file. On my to-do list cards, I have a section for the repeating tasks, so I don't have to rewrite the repeating tasks because they're already there.

That said, I like the idea of circa-ing the whole thing and using a small card for the repeating tasks. That, however, would require that I get with the program and move over to Circa/Rollabind from my battered Levenger Pocket Briefcase (front section, calendar; next section, work-related cards; middle section, blank (preprinted grid) cards; last section, cards for personal to-dos, contacts, etc.) Maybe it's time for me to advance to Circa! :)

Maybe it's time for me to

Maybe it's time for me to advance to Circa! :)

It's a natural progression. :)


be a DIYer... find a hack to fit your system. :D its fun!

If you use a ring bound system - a 99 cent single hole punch will do the job... just make a template out of stiff material and use it as a guide for punching smaller DAILY REPEAT cards.

:o) Binder rings are great fun and usually pretty inexpensive at your local office supply store. You could keep your pocket briefcase and just have another lil addition. OR how about taking a card that is the standard shape and finding a way to use it as a dock for your smaller DAILY REPEATS... maybe a tab with a hole.

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hPDA revamp

New cover DIYSara style... of course hehe.

and my new "Daily Repeats" in action: HERE The next pic shows how I flip it and put it at the back of the stack.

My "Brain Dump" has a hole in it because I'm using up scrap paper from work. My boss was having fun with the drill press and the corner rounder :sigh: ... I tried to tell him that scrap paper isnt for playing.... hehehe.

Oh and I found out that naming my Inbox "Brain Dump" really helps me be less critical in what I jot down. :)

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I use tick boxes at the top of my weekly planner

I use a weekly planner -- a tip I learned from Covey (plan weekly, adjust daily). For quite a while I have used tick boxes at the top of my weekly planner -- I list the task (usually one word is sufficient to remind me) and then have [ ]M [ ]Tu.... It is simple (a key part of my life, complexity is not my friend) and effective. At the beginning of the month I go through all the weeks of that month and write the reminder. It is also a good time to reflect, do I still need to do this daily? are there areas I need to focus on this month that I should add to my daily tick list?

The Passionate Pilgrim

sticky labels

That's a very good idea, Passionate Pilgrim.

With pre-printed planners and diaries I like using adhesive labels for things to remember regularly.

Something as simple as spare floppy disk labels or address labels can be printed on and each one used for 3 or 4 weeks of reminders. (1/3 or 1/4 of a label is plenty for 1 week for a daily reminder). They're especially useful for anything that needs to be 'ticked off' a list but needs little detail.

For example - Nag boss M[] T[] W[] Th[] F[]
tee hee ;)

Facing the same delema

I just started facing this problem too.
I too am at home with toddler so things happen (well, are SUPPOSED to happen) on a regular basis. Being that my hand writing is atrocious I print out allot of stuff. In my planner I have printed 8x5 cards in a junior size circa notebook. Our printer has two trays.
I'm still working on a daily agenda page I like. So I will probably take a crack at my own DIY page soon. I don't need allot of agenda space. I'm going to add a daily checklist of those tasks that correspond to each day of daily reminders like "take vitamins" and "drink water" and "shower" or "breathe".
Don't laugh. With a toddler in tow I sometimes need a gentle reminder on those days that mock me for planning at all. And I think to myself did I have lunch today?
I will most likely come up with a template for each week day. So Mon, Wed, Fri when my daughter is in school I will have related tasks on those pages.
So I guess it's not a super simple answer. I think that would be I've incorporated those daily tasks as a checklist on my planner pages. After all if the laundry or dishes are not done today they will still need to be addressed the next day. And if something is on my daily checklist that doesn't need to be done I put a line through the whole item instead of checking the box.