out of the shadows

Hi I guess it's time to come out of lurkdom. My name is Mary. I have been lurking for two versions now. I started where almost everyone starts the Hipster. But my index piles got the best of me a few months ago and Timer had a personal size on sale for 6 bucks so I made the jump. Only thing is there are project pages So I'm here out of the lurk to get some ideas on what to do now

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Punt ?


I cannot guarantee that future responses from me will always be this helpful, but they should be good for a laugh if nothing else.

I can offer a bit of personal observation:
Read "Get Things Done" and "First Things First". GTD shows a bottom-up organization method while FTF shows a top-down method. I feel you need elements of both. Getting many little things done may be useless without A Big Picture. A Big Picture is usually composed of smaller chunks that are easier to "swallow" individually.

That's my opinion. I hope you find something of use in there.
And just keep watching. Others and their opinions will be along soon. I have found all of them are worth considering.

But here's one of the Big Secrets: There is no One Method That Works For Everyone And Everything. You need to find pieces that work for you and build Your Methods.

Good luck.
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