Pens are shipping!! :)

I just had to share with someone b/c my DH looked at me like I was crazy. I ordered some inexpensive fountains pens from b/c I couldn't find any in stores (I didn't have a lot of time to look though) and they are shipping today!!! I couldn't tell DH that I needed to drive around looking for pens b/c he would point to my office and I would have to explain that I didn't have any Fountain pens and wanted to try them out. LOL But I am really excited. I got pink, apple green, brown, turquoise. *sigh*

which by the way, do you know what the min paper weight is needed so they won't bleed?

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ooo NICE!

Many congrats on the new pens!

I have used my fountain pens (varsity by pilot) and they did fine on 20 and 24 lb printer paper. The heavier the paper, the better it seems to 'glide'. I say try em on your usual paper and if you don't enjoy the experience or it feathers - go up to the next available weight :)

Let us know when they arrive and you get to try them out!

BTW what kind did you get? those cute lil mini ones?

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well since you asked :) I got a Preppy FP in pink, a pilot Petit1 in apple green with a brown refill. then i got a Hi-Tec-C coleto, which obviously is not a FP pen but the colors were irresistable.

My planner is in 28lb so it should work fine. I can't even imagine the Levenger 60lb paper. I have a feeling that once I experience it, i won't go back. lol

nice picks!

I'm very interested in how you like those... so make sure you let us know :D

And Levenger paper is very nice :) But I often just doodle around on things and feel guilty on such nice papers... I'm working on getting over that :D

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Whooo hoo! :-)

I just got two of the Petit1s - they are cute!

And I LOVE the Coleto! I just ordered two more of them!

must write more!

i have to write more... maybe I'll start writing down EVERYTHING to use up all the pens I have that are 'okay' but not 'superb' ... then I can justify ordering/buying more~! :)

I wonder ~ should start a posting pics of our favorite pens in the flickr group?

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maybe you could 'forget'

maybe you could 'forget' them somewhere? or let the waitress have it when paying the bill???


Great idea! :-)


My problem is I have a lot of pens that I do like a lot... like today I have my blue BIC Intensity gel with me... so smooth, but the ink lasts forever! The pens I wish would last forever are the ones that always run out in the middle of a fantastic journal entry or letter...

I had a Uniball Vision last for a month after all visible ink was gone... A MONTH! Its the pen collectors curse ;D

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This is what kids are for. :-)

I give my unloved pens to my sister, and she doles them out to my niece and nephew when they are being particularly good. The last batch I gave her took me a few years to collect...and it took the kids about 3 months to be good enough to earn them. ;-)


I did a "flush" a couple months ago and brought all the imitation BICs and freebies into work... they all came back to my desk >.< oy!

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kids being good enough to

kids being good enough to earn a pen?? sounds like it's in the blood. lol

Start them young :)

Start them young :)

I concur!

It would be neat to see what everyone is writing with...especially since some of you have really unique, vintage writing instruments.

It would be really funny to do a "Flat Stanley" with a special pen. We could mail it back and forth and when you got the pen, you'd take a picture of it and write a little bit in its travel journal, then send it along to the next person. :-)

I'm hoping I like the

I'm hoping I like the Coleto. I'm not a fan of gel pens but the colors to pick from are fab.

Not a traditional gel...

The Coleto refills have a needle point, sort of like the Pilot Precise rollerballs. The pen body fits in my hand just perfectly, and I really like the finger grips.

If you don't like what you ordered, I could probably be convinced to take it off your hands. ;-)