Myndology arrived! Sweet.

I ordered a bunch of the little notetakers and they arrived today. In addition to the single ring ones, I ordered a couple of the Circa-esque ones. Those are a wonderful surprise! Not only is the light cardstock nice and smooth, they fit both my Clairing notebook AND Circa. I wasn't expecting that last. Perhaps it's because there're just two smurfs? I thought I'd read that the smurfs from Myndology/Atoma didn't quite line up with Circa, but with these little cards, at least, they do. :D Very happy about that.

(I can also see refilling these with some small DIY form when I've used up the paper.)

The others are the single ring ones as I said, though one is smaller - just 1 3/4" x 3" - and is wrapped with a latching plastic cover (the others have coated cardstock for their covers) that holds the pages together. I can see the plastic covered one being a mainstay in my purse or tote or pack. It seems quite sturdy and is easy to open and close since the plastic cover wraps around the bottom of the pages and slips into a tab/notch closure on the back.

The two paper ones also fold over the bottom to cover the pages, but the tab/notch system actually latches on the bottom and seems a bit less sturdy, though still nice and conveniently keeps the pages from flopping about.

I'm always wanting to write a quick note to myself, and more often than not it's just a reminder that can be thrown away. Sometimes, though, it ends up being something I do want to keep and, with these small notetakers, I can have the best of both.

Btw, it could just be me, but it feels as if the white stock they use in the Circa-esque ring notetaker is much smoother than the colored paper in the single ring notetakers.

It's going to take me a while to get through these, but I'll definitely be reordering when I do run out.

I agree with what others have said though about Myndology needing a punch. This would be a great little self-contained system if we could add our own customized pages. (Though the Circa punch does seem to work with these small sizes (i.e., two smurfs).)

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Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun with your new gear!

I do recall people mentioning that the myndology/atoma products have different shaped smurfs than circa/rollabind. Some users found their interchangeability to be doable, others found it hindered the turning of the pages a bit. (I cant recall if it was m/a on c/r discs or vice versa.)

I will be trying out my new myndology stuff very soon.. .I've been diggin my way out from under a HUGE next action list. :D

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Well, Myndology does ship to

Well, Myndology does ship to Canada.

I received a set of notebooks and a few of the small ring based notes, and I'm in love. The quality of the paper is so nice and smooth, and the disc system is so handy. I'm quite enjoying my new notebooks.

Myndology desk punch

Myndology does have a desk punch now.
Duc Ly

I need help.

I have a Circa Desk Punch. I even have the mini PDA punch. And now I want the myndology one too. And it's all the fault of you diyplanner people. Argh. Those pretty aluminum rings are calling my name. Why must they not be compatible with circa/rollabind? Why gods WHY?!?!

They're not?

I thought Mindy rings were compatible with Circa paper--just not the other way around--Circa rings with Mindy paper...


Yes they are. They are! They

Yes they are. They are! They so are!

They ARE compatible!

I bought a bunch of Atoma brand notebooks at the local university bookstore last fall (because they were a couple bucks apiece). I also bought all the refill paper packs they had at the time, both lined and plain (just under a couple bucks apiece). I believe Atoma and Myndology are the same? Even though the paper is not quite as heavy-duty as Levengers', I like it because it's true Classic size (half of 8 1/2 x 11"). I know Levenger is gradually switching to this for all their Junior size, but they're not there yet and that slightly off-kilter page size bugs me. I've had no problems using the Atoma refill paper in my Levenger almost works BETTER, as a matter of fact, since the smurf is slightly different shaped. I don't care for the sharper-edged Atoma disks, but I like the smurf shape they have.

Love the Atoma, just from

Love the Atoma, just from their website! It is available in the US as I'd love to try it but they only ship within the US.

No !! Atoma != ADOC Systems

Atoma is found at and they are a separate company from ADOC Systems.

Atoma, in the US, is available from our good bud Jason at
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How are you getting Myndology to be compatible with Circa????

Ok, so sucker for this stuff that I am - I ran out and bought two Myndology notebooks (arrived today) because I loved the colors. I tried the paper in my letter size Circa and vice versa - neither fits. it's the right number and type of smurfs but the alignment is totally off. I'll have to find the time to change the punch and see if I can get them to align right, but I have the new punch and I'm not sure I can slide it to "intermediate" positions. HOW are y'all getting this to work????? I want to use the pretty colors to organize my house related stuff but without buying yet another punch. Otherwise I've just ended up with a pair of expensive, albeit nice letter size notebooks. Thanks.

Same result


I got a sample of Mynd discs straight from the source and tried to fit them into my Rolla-punched (I punched them with a Rolla punch) paper, and the fit was too tight. The discs have wider lips than the Rolla holes, so there was much rubbing of paper and gnashing of teeth.

The shapes of the smurfs required for the discs is different. Mynd requires a wider, shallower mushroom cap as I recall, while Rolla/Circa requires a higher 'crown' on the mushroom cap.

I was most disappointed, I was all ready to buy a bundle of those beautiful aluminum discs, but they won't allow my paper to turn smoothly so there's no point.

Over time, I suppose, the paper would wear away at the rub points and you would have smoother turning, but I think I'd be swearing a blue streak long before then. It's just not worth it.


Well, I'm glad it's not just me

I adjusted my Circa punch to allow me to create a takeout menu holder out of my myndology notebook but I just don't like the look of it. I'm reverting it to a notebook and ordering yet another round of Circa to meet my project needs.

Aluminium rings are the issue.

My own experience is this: with paper, the fit is too tight on the aluminium rings but quite fine with plastic myndology rings, with index cards, everything is fine.

Oooh! Exciting, I'm getting

Oooh! Exciting, I'm getting me some aluminum rings!


alceria, i know a couple of people that wanted the aluminum rings (discs?) too - i believe you can get them directly from myndology.

potatosalad This is a

potatosalad This is a discount code for the very expensive mythdology punch. I wrote an email and asked why the punch was so expensive. He said it was his business costs and was sorry and included the code. I am not going to use it, maybe you can?