Going DIY - Maybe?

Well, this post, http://diyplanner.com/node/4282, made me start thinking. That, along with the newest shipment from Levenger. I picked up a desk punch and some classic translucent covers. My LV Portable Office uses a Harvard Planner Elite edition, classic sized. I've been thinking of buying, cutting off the spiral binding and punching for circa. But then, I know of some things I'd like to change. So here's the root of my question:
Is there an easy way to generate your own calendar, dated? I have OOo2, but I've never coded anything for it. Know a bit of Perl.

The format of the Harvard is 7 days on the left page, a list on the right. There's more when you zoom in, but that's the crux of it. You can see a bit more here.

So, can I roll my own, predated?


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Look up "mail merge instructions" and you'll see how it's done. I uploaded some instructions in the template section.


Thanks shris!!!

What service!

I'm saving that to look over later. Can't too much now. But at lunch, I was able to initiate the design of a Harvard Replacement. However, I'll likely not share it since it would be too close to the original.

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Rock on!

Well shris, you may have done it. I've been twiddling with my Harvard-esqe design, and the 1st draft is almost complete. A two-page per week layout; days on left, task list on right. I've done one test merge, and it worked beautifully. Now, to finish, test merge and test print one. Then, test bind and see.

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-- http://javajeb.wordpress.com



It's a miracle. :) Someone actually used 'em and made it work. :)

Good to know the instructions aren't too far off. :)