Circa question for Ryan R.

So: do you have everybody over at Levenger using the term "smurf" yet? :)

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I just snorted! you crack me <3 I can't wait to hear the answer!

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I just snorted too for 2 reasons, the original question and Sara's Subject of roflmao! :)


HA HA made you snort :D roflmao!

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It isn't widespread, but the term certainly has had audience. ;)

It was a required footnote to a certain lyric crafted by none other than Roberto_Notecardo. (Clip from internal email)

[Smurf: [origin] An animated cartoon character that lived inside of a mushroom. [n] The customer-generated name for the mushroom-shaped confetti that results from punching perforations. [v] (smurfin') The act of punching smurfs (this is also why this particular name stuck.)]


i cant find it!

I remember the discusion in this forum ... someone wanted to name the funny lil shaped circa/rollabind holes... so we went around and had some suggestions and SMURF stuck...

Can anyone find it? I can't :( I post too many times a day to sort through them all LOL.

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me neither

I think shb came up with the term.

BTW, haven't seen her in a while. Wonder how she's doin'.


I thought I did :blush: oh well... as long as it was a Sara(h) :D

I emailed Sarah and she is doing well... :o)

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OK, got the wrong Sara(h).
You were both probably in the discussion!!

Glad she is doing well.

Aye, I was worried about her

Aye, I was worried about her so I "contact tab"d her. Sounds like she is very busy.

I am so addicted to you peoples, I get worried when I don't see our regulars regularly. :)

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the origins of "smurf"

it WaS you!!

I had the right name, anyway . . .
going back to my corner now . . .


The only way you are going to a corner is to work on your planner... otherwise you have to play nice with the rest of us :D

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good info

I was wondering about this myself
Duc Ly


I've translated the verb To Smurf back into French to specifically refer to circa punching. I've used it a bit in conversations. The funny thing is though that the Smurfs have such a greater influence on French-language culture that everyone knows that the verb Schtroumpfer is what the Smurfs use to mean every other verb. So they get that I'm punching my paper, but don't understand why I don't simply say Perforer. Funny.

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JudyoftheWoods smiley

Judy came up with a"smiley" for it too! -) or (-

I kinda like that one...



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