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I've embarked on replacing my Harvard planner with a homegrown one. I also make my wife's planners with circa disks. With the possibility of moving to a self built circa setup, I'm realizing that 20-24# paper doesn't stand up well to the ever-turned page, at least at the punches.

So, what weight would you recommend?

I'm thinking in the 40# range. Others?

I know Levenger uses 60#, but 110 pages would be a bit thick on 60# paper.


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I function on 24lb and 28lb.

I function on 24lb and 28lb. : /

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Either Stressed?

Does daily turning, carrying in inhospitable environs (largish purse or soft-sided briefcase), or other give the punch edges fits?


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I beat the holy heck out of my Rolla notebooks, and it doesn't bother my 24# paper at all.

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It's the covers on the wife's. Or else I ended up with lighter paper...

Have to look into it.

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24 here


I use 24 lb. I regularly stuff my planner into my purse. I have plastic covers I cut myself from some .015" thick sheet vinyl (transparent). The only problem I ever have with dogears and the like is on the decorative cover sheet itself (the one that sits under the transparent cover). I cut my covers a little bigger than the pages on the open side.

Anyway, turning the pages doesn't hurt my smurfs or ears or whatever you want to call the area around the hole. It's pulling out/replacing time and again that will eventually mess them up.

I put my dated pages in one time, then pull them out one time. Endless turning between doesn't seem to matter. I use the one inch rings.

Now, one thing that might make a difference is if you use five or fewer rings on your page. I've got a top-bound classic scratch pad where the sheets want to wiggle around a bit because they're bound on the short end of the page. That might damage them over time. Don't have that problem on my long-edge-bound pages.



I think what was used ended up being 20#. So, that's probably why.

The one I've made, and the one I'm working on are both Classic/Jr/Half Letter, bound on the 8.5" edge with 8 or 9 discs, I can't recall now.

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32# Here

For my calendar - which is in the planner long-term - I used a nice 32# Hammermill Laserprint paper (#10464-6 actually). For most common, disposable pages I just use store brand 20# copy paper. It isn't saved long enough to show the use of repeated turning.

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