Circa alternatives (Canada)


I've been interested for a while on getting a small notebook (journal sized) where sheets can be easily shuffled around, and Circa seems to fit the bill quite well, except of course, for the price.

Mindology notebooks look nice, but does not look like they ship to Canada (contacted them a few days ago and haven't received any reply yet). Any other Canadians around know where to get Circa-like notebooks at a reasonable price? Staples (at least in Calgary)does not seem to stock Rollabind.


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Hi. has a Canadian office. They might even be headquartered in Canada.

Call them to see what they've got left, I think they're clearing out the Rollabind.



...carrues Rollabind regularly. They just had some excess to dispose of.

You should be able to get all you need from them.
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I just ordered from them

I just ordered from them recently, and they're located in Vermont, near the Canadian border, but they do have an office in Montreal as well. Currently, they have all Rollabind merchandise 50% off. It will not be listed on the website at all, you have to call. I was a little nervous about it, but when the order came, the invoice reflected the sale price. Also, it was a bit steep to ship--$10 for a small padded envelope, but it may be that there is just a flat shipping rate.

Including shipping, I got 100 discs in all 4 sizes (small, medium, large & ex. large) for $32. If I had ordered more given the shipping cost, it may have been a better deal. Without shipping it would've been $22.

They also had the punch and presentation kits.

Good luck,


My bill was in Canadian dollars ... O.o

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Thanks so much everybody for

Thanks so much everybody for the information. Good to know Rollabind is available in Canada.

I wish I had known about

I wish I had known about them!!! I was in Montreal just two weeks ago and badly in need of new disks. Oh well.

On a slightly tangential topic: how do the Rollabind disks compare to the Circa ones?

many posts

There are many posts regarding circa and rollabind... comparisons and the like.

Here is one to get you started: LINK

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Sorry, what I really meant

Thanks for the links!


I would say that the extra large rollabind = the large Circa (1"). They also say Rollabind on them. Otherwise I can't see the difference, but admittedly, I just did a quick look.

Does anyone know if the punches have the same shapes?



Circa and Rollabind are identical.

Atoma and Myndology are identical.

C/R is not identical to A/M but most people agree they are interchangeable.

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I don't agree with most

The C/R and A/M systems are similar, but C/R has a taller smurf-head. C/R pages will fit okay on A/M discs, but A/M pages don't fit so well on C/R discs.

The alignment of the discs is a little different for the two systems, too. C/R letter-size notebooks have 11 discs. C/R only have 10. I have both. :-)


Thanks for the clarification. :)

I think the size that is utilized for the trade off also impacts it since fewer discs would reduce the impact of the discribed difference.

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I would agree with you,

I would agree with you, Janine. I have some Myndology paper (actually pretty good stuff) on some rolla discs right now at the office and it's just not a good fit. I am using the A/M discs in my letter sized planner and they are working just fine with the rolla smurfs.

I just thought I'd confirm

I just thought I'd confirm that MC2 is offering a 50% discount on the Rolla stuff. They are having the same problem as me with Rollabind, it seems (it's not showing a lot of life in the Rolla offices).

They have all rolla disks in white, blue, red and yellow. They only have x-large left in black. You can get clear, silver or gold for a bit more money.

I ordered a pack (100) of each in white (for about $5-7CDN each pack) and a travel punch ($23 CDN), since I already have the full punch from Levenger. We'll see what comes out of there. The MC2 people are nice.

Oh my goodness - I have just

Oh my goodness - I have just received my package from MC2.

I have four hundred - yes, 4 0 0 - new rings in white, very matte (which pleases me), and a new travel punch (to complement my desk punch, which stays at home). Tiny ones (smaller than the Levenger smalls) and big ones (like the Levenger large ones). Ok the travel punch seems to have been in their window display for years, considering how yellowed the plastic wrapping was, but I don't mind, it was just over $20.

I think I have a lifetime supply of rings.