Irian's custom portable planner

My ultimate portable planner. I am quite forgetful, and one of the main issues is that I won't carry a planner around if it does not fit in my purse, and I like small purses. After a lot of experimenting, this is what I ended up with.

I designed all of my templates by my self, inspired on some of the templates around here. I originally tried to work with the available templates, but I am using a different size of paper.

Originally, I thought about using index cards (3x5), however, planner would grow very thick with more than a few cards on it. I decided I would use plain paper instead (well, I bought a package of a slightly fancier cream colored paper, just as a whim). I started printing out the hPDA templates on it, and then cut the individual smaller pages from the sheet. I noticed that quite some paper was being wasted on the process.

I decided instead on getting a custom smaller paper size by dividing a single letter sheet in 8. No left overs, and it is fool proof to cut it. Problem is it does not have the same aspect ratio as 3x5, so the available templates worked. After unsuccessful attempts on modifying other templates, it was just faster to whip up my own templates. And since I was already changing stuff, I made them to fit exactly to my needs.

As can be seen in the picture, there is one page per week. The left side has room for each day of the week. My schedule is usually not horribly busy (one or two events per day, with lots of uneventful ones), so the tiny factor works. On the right hand side is a checklist for stuff that wishfully will be done that week. The bottom of the right side contains a small form for tracking expenses for the week, I use the first box to specify the date (I really only need to write down the day, since the actual date is narrowed down by the page), second I write the type of expense, and third, the quantity. I only use this for cash transactions that don't show up in receipts, to keep a record of them.

The other page shows a running shopping list, where I add whatever that needs to be bought sometime in the week. The page is replaced and moved around from week to week, so that it is readily available when I need to jot something.

The cardboard leafy thing is just a divider used to signal the current date.

I used pretty card stock from a stationery shop to create a cover for my planner, and rigid plastic folder was cut to provide a protector cover on top of everything. Colored card stock was also used to create dividers from additional sections. I created other templates for contacts, long term to dos, and I also have quite a few blank sheets useful for notes. All sections are separated and available for reference, while all the stuff relevant for now (where now = current week) is easily available from the leafy bookmark.

A punch capable of making smaller holes is used to punch holes at the top of every sheet, and I keep it all together using a ring. And well, since I designed it, it has as much decoration as I saw fit. ;)

I usually carry around a fine point gel pen, such as Uniball Sigma Micro, for writing.

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Your Templates

Would you be willing to share your templates, even if they were more generic???

This looks nice and no wasted paper.

Sure :)

Sure. I'll do it as soon as I get home.


Irian - I love this set up! Simple, neat, compact... All great things for a planner! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the templates! :)

nay nay

Your porable planner


The layout looks clean and orderly; I think it is the rounded edges, the pods that can separate the ideas on your planner neatly. Reminds me of a Mind-Map. If possible, I like to get a layout, so I can use one for myself.



Your wish....

You can find the template here: LINK On DIYPlanner

Although I get a blank pdf, so download the template file too.


Template is probably better

Template is probably better anyway, since the PDF version is in Spanish (although there isn't really much text in it).

Glad it is useful to someone. :)

DIY planner

I love your little planner layout, but your .pdf template only has one of the pages. May I have the other. Thanks for the little organizer!