Happy Planning?

I thought it would nice for everyone to share what about their planning system or ritual of planning makes them happy or gives them that feeling of accomplishment...

Lets face it - we do it because we are more productive and organized but deep down, there has to be a richer sense enjoyment, right? :o)

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Biased memory

I remember my mistakes much more clearly than the things I do right. As part of my GTD weekly review, I specifically ask myself "What got done this week?" and write a list.

It's one thing to use a planner or system to keep up with work, but another thing to step aside and see how much progress I make on things. The happiest thing about my system is the reminder that I do actually get things done.

Do you procrastinate?


I like that aspect too. Its nice to slow down, step back and acknowledge the progress made in a week.

I used to always feel like no matter how hard and fast I dig, I will still be buried... Lately, I seem to have a more controlled and happy outlook on my week because I know not everything CAN be done and any progress made is positive.

:o) More and more I like to take some time out of my day for myself. Even if its just doodling in my planner or adding a sticker or two - its part of my time. The next time I break out the page and feel overwhelmed, the lil sparks of color act as a little trigger to help me relax.

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Two things.

One: I get immense pleasure from checking off done tasks. I love it.

Two: My therapist got me doing this -- instead of telling myself "I'll do as much as I can today" and then feeling like I've barely made a dent by the end of the day, she has me blocking out a set amount to do each day and pacing myself. This means I can relax in the evenings if I get my schoolwork done for the day, and not feel guilty about taking time to chill. I tend to let myself get very stressed out over what's not yet done, so this is a great cure for that.

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