Rasmussen, re: Fielding Passport Wallet and Walletini

According to the Levenger site, the Fielding Passport Wallet (AL8815 $29.95) comes with a mini ballpoint pen but it isn't shown in the few pictures they have. Would this be a Walletini, or another mini ballpoint?

Also, do you know where I could find a picture of the Fielding Passport Journal that shows the inside right (as opposed to the inside left, which is shown) and perhaps another picture of the middle section which is partially obscured?

I have seen it in person but I can't remember the details. In particular I am wondering if the right side could be used for a top loading 3x5 "PDA". Is there a slip pocket there?

Also I know it wouldn't seem to be thick enough especially with the credit card storage in the middle, except that it is significantly wider than 3 inches (about 1 1/4 inches wider).

Do you have any insights? For the price I am tempted to try this, perhaps by removing the middle credit card storage (could this be done easily?) except that there is nothing to fasten it shut.

Is this being discontinued? If so, any idea on how long I might have to decide before it disappears (a la Office Folio Junior).

Also, I'm open to suggestions from anyone on how to rig some sort of attractive yet effective closure without ruining the leather. Something along the lines of the mock Moleskine hack with the elastic comes to mind. I could almost picture using a sturdy elastic with a button as well but I wouldn't know how to rig that either.

Thanks, ~Cath

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ooo hacks, my favorite flavour!

Have you considered just getting a small piece of elastic that didn't actually attach the item itself?

I'll need to see pictures but I'm almost sure you could simply hot glue or tack sew the elastic to a seam... :o)

Can't wait to hear Ryan's responses.

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Fielding Passport Wallet

~Cath -

the Fielding Passport Wallet (AL8815 $29.95) comes with a mini ballpoint pen.... Would this be a Walletini, or another mini ballpoint?

It isn't the walletini. However, the mini ballpoint included with the wallet accepts the same 'stick' mini-bp refills available at most office supply chains.

Also, do you know where I could find a picture of the Fielding Passport Journal

I will try and get the product to Chicago to take some pictures. Your idea of using the other compartment to dock a hPDA is a great one. I will test it out and include a photo.

The wallet is being discontinued. PM me with the color you are interested in; I could give you a rough estimate of remaining availability.

If the passport compartment plays nicely as a dock, I imagine you could hide an interior slit for an elastic band. (Perhaps you can inform us of the direction we should have taken with the product!)


Thanks for replying so quickly

I'm guessing it's well suited for its intended purpose but there are a lot of pockets so it seems to me the lack of any sort of closure is a glaring omission, especially for the original price.

Of course with the use I propose a really secure closure is essential, especially with the way I tend to overstuff things. Ideally I would like to see a zip around which would make this a very high end mini binder. It would probably be prohibitively expensive to make. Although the accordion and agenda wallets, in that price range, both have zippers.

As I'm thinking back on it, at the time I saw it in person I was looking for something to accomodate a side loading 1/4 page (4.25 x 5.5). I think there was a slip pocket on the right that would have allowed for that. However, the overall dimensions (4 1/4"W x 3/4"D x 5 3/4"H) wouldn't have left sufficient "width" for the 1/4 page circa. My sense at the time was that even if I cut out the center credit card "page" that it would have been a tight fit at best.

If it does have a vertical slip pocket on the right it probably doesn't have the horizontal slip pocket necessary for a PDA.

I have no idea why it's being discontinued but if it has anything to do with low online sales it probably has a lot to do with the fact that only 50% or less of its functionality is shown in pictures and the 50% that is showing isn't shown in enough detail. But maybe I lack imagination to fill the details in ... as demonstrated by the fact that I have seen it in person once and I'm still struggling to visualize what it looks like.

If you're looking for real life testing --including stress testing in the portable office I call a pocketbook-- feel free to send me one in any color!

BTW, what's the difference between the Walletini and the plain old "mini" that comes with this? I couldn't find "minis" besides the Walletini on the Levenger site.


For anyone near a Levenger store and therefore able to avoid Shipping and Handling you may want to check this out. Especially if you got a 20% off coupon, as I just did for the Boston store.

With Massachusetts' tax it would be about $17.00.


How did you get that coupon?

Was it an online coupon to print? Or an in-store one?

By email with a coupon, for use in the local store to print out.

I also received a 20% coupon for online use awhile ago. I hope it's still valid since the Boston store is sold out of this particular item.


Hacking the Fielding Passport Wallet


The photographs I was taking didn't seem to convey the level of detail I had intended. Thus, I took the following video of the fielding wallet and its compartments.

Video of wallet mod

Included are two separate hacks for incorporating both a vertical Circa PDA and a horizontal 3x5 Circa notebook.


awesome video

Awesome video and great hack choices. I think I may just be inspired to buy a wallet and break down and get some Circa product. Oh no, I am being assimilated. I have resisted thus far but I can clearly see.... resistance is futile. It's a good thing I have to spend the last two weeks in July in the D.C. are doing some research so I can just pop on in to the Tyson's store.


I'm so considering making your website my 'homepage'... So much yummy levenger and circa 'hacks' and other good info <3 You rock Capt'n Levenger!

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Ryan, Thanks for the video

It looked like a comfortable fit both ways but could you comment on whether it was likely to seem overstuffed if you tried to use the compartments?

Also, as per my second post do you think a 1/4 page (4.25 x 5.5) would fit the vertical slip pocket without overhanging?

For the peanut gallery, can anyone think of a way to secure this without ruining the leather? Any thoughts on the acceptability of very minor damage, in light of the price?

The best I could come up with was using the
Levenger book bungee. That would be a little more elegant if you could somehow attach it so it doesn't get lost.

BTW, for anyone that really needs a 1/4 page binder, and doesn't need a fastener, check out the $38.00 prescription pad. It's almost too wide but that would allow for larger rings; and it has a stash pocket on the left. The book bungee seems to work well with this setup.

1/4 page in the fielding

Also, as per my second post do you think a 1/4 page (4.25 x 5.5) would fit the vertical slip pocket without overhanging?

At 5", the disc-bound "virtual" ream extends just above the wallet. The height of the 1/4 page wouldn't be a problem. The catch is the width. Although 4.25" would fit, it wouldn't provide enough slack for the wallet's binding to close.

[...] could you comment on whether it was likely to seem overstuffed if you tried to use the compartments?

The rest of the compartments are still functional with either hack illustrated.


Silly me, I forgot about the extra width or length the rings add

Thanks again. Ideally I would like something I could go back and forth between a top bound 3x5 and a side bound 1/4 page.

But I'm having a time giving up this idea because the extra pockets would be really cool.

Unfortunately the Boston store is out of these. They don't have it in any color. Maybe I'll call the Florida store and see if they have them in stock. That's how I got the four office folios with reasonable shipping.


great mod

Ryan: Great hack. I had to go ahead and pick up one of the wallets before they sold out, and I already had the index size circa. I bet you'd actually sell this as a product if Levenger was willing to market it. Wouldn't really need many, if any, changes to that set-up.

circa notbook on sale

I just went to the Levenger site to check out said wallet and found that the Junior Leather holder with Circa notebook is on sale too. What great prices right now!


The Meeting Master, Junior Folio is also on sale...

And Ryan has some photos on his Flickr blog that shows how a junior Circa notebook can be fitted into it. Something for someone who wants a place for everything!


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3x5 binder potential of Fielding Passport Wallet???

Thanks to a timely warning from Ryan,
I recently received the last Fielding Passport Wallet in stock.

Did anyone else get one? If so, I'm wondering if you are planning on using one as a 3" x 5" binder.

I have one!

My lovely black Fielding Passport Wallet arrived in the mail Saturday. I'm planning on trying it as a binder for my 3x5 Circa. I haven't had much time for testing yet, but I'm really glad you asked about it Cath!

I'm glad I asked too

I'd like to know how the set up works out for you.

If you figure out a way to fasten it with minimal damage to the leather please let me know. I'm not very crafty.

Worst case scenario I think I may try to create a light duty Levenger type "book bungee" using a 1/3" black fabric/elastic. But I don't want it to be something I'll have to fumble with every time I open and close it.

Suggestions anyone?

Such a great tool

I'm hunting for a new apartment and planning a move. I've slipped my 3x5 Circa in here and its working great. I can store all of the import pieces I need together. Business cards, notes I've made, and index cards to hand others all in one place! I haven't fastened the book together yet, but it hasn't been a problem in my purse at all. Now I just wish I'd ordered another one. This is been so helpful.

I got one, but it is a

I got one, but it is a little large for my taste. I use the Hpda and the Fielding is a little large for pocket use. I may re-gift it.

I am but a simple caveman.

Thag If you'd like to sell


If you'd like to sell it, let me know. My backorder got cancelled!