Fountain Pen Question

This is probably a question for our friends over at Levenger, but I'm wondering if I can get a Levenger True Writer Metalist Fountain Pen with a fine nib instead of medium as advertised in their catalog?


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this is a job for

super RYAN~!

Ryan knows everything... I'm starting to think he's a super hero. ;D

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Ryan the superhero

It's CAPTAIN LEVENGER, come to save the masses from bad paper and disorganized notebooks!

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LOL Steff u rock!

Ohmygosh I so have to design Ryan a TShirt now :D Captain Levenger to the RESCUE!

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Ryan knows a lot about the True Writer

Ryan definitely knows a lot about True Writer pens. Batman has a Batmobile. Ryan has, well, if you haven't it seen this, go check this out.


Oh yah,

Oh yah, nothing phallic about that.


I had an art professor that insisted everything was phallic... >.< Your real name isnt Steve is it???

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No, not Steve.. Elizabeth

Maybe I'm just biased by spending my grad school years living with a view of the largest phallic symbol in the U.S., aka the Washington Monument.

I took my dd13 to her first baseball game and she asked why the players all had to feel "down there" between every pitch/swing/etc., did they think something had fallen off in the last 15 seconds? Lol, I told her it was just a guy thing.


"a guy thing" cracked me up! Thanks - I really needed that :D

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Truewriter Mods


Some of the Truewriter line was released only with medium nibs. Until all modes are available online and in the catalog, you can custom order the pen from a retail store to get the fine nib on a Metalist. The retail stores have individual threaded nib sections that can be swapped with the default medium. Let me know if you have any difficulty setting up the order.

...a super hero....CAPTAIN LEVENGER....

?!?! ;)

Batman has a Batmobile. Ryan has, well, ..

- Nice Kenny, nice. ;)