weekly Levenger agenda planner with monthly FC "Simplicity" tabs

I decided to dump the monthly pages from my calendar and just stick with the weekly pages. But I missed my monthly tabs too much. My solution: chop the monthly tabs off my old monthly planning pages and tape them onto my weekly planning pages. The results aren't the prettiest in the world, but it works. Picture and a more thorough description on flickr.com.

Things I've noticed already (and I only did this less than 1/2 hour ago!)
-tabs make it so much easier to flip quickly to the correct date
-a little bit of color in a planner is nice as long as it isn't too bright
-just a little bit of Scotch tape on Levenger paper (at least on the edges) is easily removable.

Shoot. I just went to Levenger's website. Looks like I could have saved myself some effort and had a nicer looking setup Monthly tabs


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I think yours are fine -- and look at the money you saved. 10 bucks for tabs? Please.

I just discovered a great product that might work for you. They're Post-it Durable Filing Tabs. They stick on like post-its, but they're stiff so they look like they can hold up to a lot of handling. (Hence the term "durable," I suppose.) You can check them out here.

that's actually what I'm using!

The tabs with writing on them in the picture are Post-It Durable Filing tabs. I wrote on the with a Pilot G2 pen and it worked fine... Until one time I was carrying my notebook out in the rain before I got a binder to put it in. Just a couple drops was all it took and now the writing is smudged like crazy. I'd like to buy or borrow a label maker to label the tab dividers.

Those Post-It Durable Filing Tabs are definitely sturdy. They feel like they are made out of some kind of thin plastic, can be moved around quite a bit and still stick, plus they are fairly cheap. I think it was around $4 for a pack. Each pack is 5 of each of the four colors: red, green blue, and yellow.


how about that!

I didn't recognize them in your picture. Looking again, it still doesn't look like you used them for your month tabs. Did you?

Another smudge-proof way to mark your dividers is to get clear labels (like from Avery or wherever). Then print your labels on the clear labels and attach those to your divider tabs (trimming to fit, if necessary). You don't have to use clear labels, but that way you're not hiding the color of the tabs and you don't have to trim them perfectly because they won't show. And they'll be very neatly printed, if you care about such things.

Ignore my 1st question

I now see you said the tabs with writing on them are the post-its.

clarified original post

I wasn't nearly as descriptive in my post here as I was with my post on Flickr. I've update it a bit, but the description on flickr is still better. The monthly tabs in the pic are from my old FC planner pages. The labels for the sections are the Post-It tabs or Post-It tabs stuck onto the Levenger junior size tabbed dividers.


speaking of clarifying

when i said "print your labels" on the clear labels, i meant type them into your computer and print them out, not print them by hand...

now i see your description on flickr. i hadn't scrolled down before so i missed it.

Office Depot has thrie own brand, a bit less expensive

big tabs
little tabs
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I have seen EXACTLY these at

I have seen EXACTLY these at the Dollar Store in Richmond, BC, for... a dollar (Canadian) each package.

You might want to try dollar stores near your house!!

Pick up a sharpie micro

Pick up a sharpie micro point or two :) No more smudges from raindrops... and they are fun to doodle with ;P

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