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Good afternoon -- The Passonite Pilgrim here... living in Northern California, in Chico (home of CSU, Chico where I work as an administrator in the residential housing department) with my beloved bride of 37 years. I am a grandfather -- of five delightful children (9,6,4,2 and 3 months) although they live 5 hours south of us. This week when they are in Chico I plan on introducing them to letterboxing.

My interests include reading Shakespeare and the Bible and the Wall Street Journal. I am on this side of 50 -- "the youthful slayer of dragons is gone and the older, wise one, has yet appeared" (David Whyte).

Finding and having visited DIY Planner had made me feel more normal -- or at least less weird -- in the pursuit of a perfect planner. Then a week later (okay the seven days might be exagerating a bit on the long side) thinking of yet another idea to improve my now imperfect planner. I tend to use a 3-3/4" x 6-3/4" sheet sized notebook -- purchased from Levenger years before they came up with circa -- its core is a week printed on DayTimer pre-punched, perferated paper so the week is on the left side and the right side is blank for task listing. It is much like the Moleskin calendar -- and Filofax has one set up this way too. Using the DayTime paper means that both sides have an attractice (though boring) green line pattern that helps me keep my writing straight. The genesis of this system was Covey's "Plan weekly, adjust daily" teaching.

I also have some monthly sheets I printout where the month calendar is at the top of the sheet, and the reminder is printed boxes with appointement day, time and subject -- the back is used for assignments and future task listing. By having the monthly sheets I only have about 13 weeks of pages in my binder.

The rest of my system is simple lined notebook paper that I draw whatever form I need -- I have seen many, many great ideas here on DIY and shamelessly draw as needed what is needed. That way I never have to carry a stack of empty forms. And I adapt the form at will based upon the particular need of this project. I have in my notebook now: about 15 pages of agendas for people (both those reporting to me, my boss, and others I deal with routinely on administrative matters); about 30 pages of projects and or tasks.

All other elements are too unstable to be talked of in any tense other than "right now" -- and even these "stable" elements are in constant danger of being overthrown.

So, here I am, warts and all, a member at last. I have appreciated reading your posts in the past, and look forward to many new ideas in our evolving search for gettings things done while having fun.

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Great to have you as an official member :D

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Welcome! Am curious about


Am curious about your Levenger notebook, and wondering if you can share some pictures, when you get some time?

I have been using Levenger products since 1999, and have some vintage stuff no longer available, and delighted to find someone else using "old" Levenger.


Welcome, Passionate Pilgrim!

Welcome, Passionate Pilgrim! As you know, loads of info here! Fun, helpful, and creative souls here too! Vintage Levenger- wow, let's see!!!

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