Planner Holders

Short intro - I'm working towards rolling my own version of my current, commercial planner. I currently use a Lee Valley Portable Office (link).

What I really dig about this one is that I can have two bound volumes in it simultaneously - the Harvard Elite Jr Size and a Logbook. The slots both open on the left side. Most other covers I've seen would only afford one single volume within, on the right, and miscellaneous slots on the left.

My Portable Office is starting to wear. So, in a while, I'll be looking for a replacement, or else build my own out of leather.

"Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?"


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Leather Cover

A very easy diy cover. Go to leather factory in Mississauga and go through their scrap bin and find some nice leather for less that $15 to make up a new cover.

Drop me a line if you need any further help.


A Bit of a Drive

That would be a bit of a drive from southern Virginia. I do have some leather that my g-g-grandfather purchased to re-do some bellows (he was a blacksmith), but I need to do some work to make it supple enough.

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Sorry I thought Lee Valley you would be in Ontario. Leather Factory is in the US as well. You may not be able to get your leather supple enough but get oil rubbed into it and it might be ok. Great idea though to use something personal of your grandfathers to make your self a planner cover. Drop me an email and I will send you a pic of the cover I made with a built in pencil case.

Cheers Chris