Printable Circa Planner Forms for GTD

Hello --

I've been lurking around for a few weeks and am finally joining. This past week I started to try out GTD and made some printable Circa/Rolla junior-sized planner forms for project management. I would love your feedback.

Here are the relevant entries on my blog:

GTD Project List Form v1

GTD Project Detail Form v1

This isn't related to GTD specifically, but goes into more detail about my Circa organizer and the daily/weekly pages I designed:

My New Organizer

I also posted other entries about my process:

Using Remember the Milk for GTD

My GTD implementation and work area tour

Thanks for taking a look!

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Love it.

'Specially the fold-over detail form.

Excellent work
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Great timing. I have been thinking of trying to do a weekly with a daily insert myself and this is great inspiration. Very detailed notes.


I'm definitely interested to see what you come up with!

Very interesting stuff! I

Very interesting stuff! I love your "project detail" form, it's exactly what I needed! Thanks.

Looks Good

Nice work! You daily pages remind me of the Harvard Planner - it uses the same list/letter mapped to time slot routine. Good ideas - I'm working on building a personalized/hacked Harvard to circa bind - three topics here on that, if interested.

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I'll have to investigate the Harvard Planner now and see if I can cull anything for inspiration. :-)


I often just insert index cards for my daily grind info :) Often I don't have much going on that is worth tracking :/ (I guess thats both a good thing and a bad).

Hope you enjoy being an official member now :D

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