Q?: Is the Q&A thread becoming "sluggish"?

There are about 130 posts in the Quotations & Aphorisms thread and it seems to be taking longer and longer to load. Is this because of the number of posts?

If so, would it help to start a Q&A II thread? Does anyone have suggestions on how to track the old thread for anyone who wants to find an earlier submission?

While we are on the topic, does anyone want to chime in on whether or not they are finding these quotations motivating, inspiring, amusing or at least mildly interesting?

Thanks, Cath

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Without a doubt, amusing.
Always interesting
And I would have to say inspiring as well.

I'm not sure about motivating. But then sometimes explosives are necessary to motivate me.
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I ditto ygor's comments! I LOVE QUOTATIONS!!!
nay nay

I believe individuals can

I believe individuals can select how many posts they see per page. Mine loads just fine :)

and I love reading the quotes... :D

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Keep the quotes coming!

I love the quotes...and I've had no problem loading the thread even at home where I only have dial-up access.

Sticking with the original thread for awhile longer.

If I make a switch I'll try to make it self-evident in the title. It probably wouldn't matter to anyone but me. I like skim to the older ones on occasion.

I'm taking the opportunity to ask people to post additional quotations. Particularly anything from a productivity guru, but not necessarily someone hip, happening and now (a la David Allen).

I see potential for this thread to become a
"Whitman's Sampler" of different planning philosophies.



Hey Cath,

How bout a "best of" or a compilation for easy perusal?


I am but a simple caveman.

"Best of" - Great Idea but premature?

Thanks for the quotations you've contributed to date.

I think a "Best of" compilation would be great but perhaps premature until we see at least some quotations from Productivity and Planning Gurus, past and present.

I'd be interested in how others feel about this.

Printable Collection?

I’ll admit that what I’m suggesting would take some work, but I’d love to see the “best of” collection put onto cards for inclusion in our binders or hPDAs. It could just be one quote per card and we could download them and just print the ones we like. Then pick the most appropriate one(s) for each day’s motivation. The set could either be modified when different quotes are added, or released as separate volumes.

sounds like inno's

sounds like innowen's idea would be handy here : LINK

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