feeding the habit

This afternoon I took a trip by Staples. Still no Rollabind besides refill packs :-( I did end up picking up a couple things. I didn't end up spending much, $13.10 including tax.

-Oxford Classic Manila A-Z dividers 8"x5". $5.29. This is just the right size for putting in a Jr. size Circa and using for an address book. I use the address book size pages, which are slightly smaller than Jr. size and fit nicely behind the tabs. The only problem with these is the card stock is a bit inflexible and didn't take well to being put onto the Circa rings. I may end up getting the alpha tabs from Levenger next time I order anything from them. I would return these, but I don't know if they'll take them back after I've smurfed them.

-Staples 4-in-1 Quatrex pen - $4.99 includes refills. Red, black, blue ink, mechanical pencil, eraser and PDA stylus. This seems like a decent ball-point pen but I can't see any indicator of which color is selected. Also, I'm spoiled by the Pilot G2 pen. Are there any good 4-in-1 pens that have gel ink?

-Oxford 4x6" grid ruled index cards. The only purchase from today I'm truly happy with. I made a 4x6" notebook with blank Oxford cards to put by the phone in the kitchen for notes and that has worked out so well I decided we need another one for the phone next to the computer. $1.99 for 100 cards. Grid ruled on the front, blank on the back.


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