Machine Profile Classic 2-up

This is a Two Up version of the Machine Profile template by Eric Farris

A form for keeping track of computers: IP addresses, inventory information, Make/Model, etc.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

Useful if you are in charge of a number of networked machines, installed software, and the like.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Acrobat Professional, Acrobat reader, or OpenOffice 2.
Machine_Profile_Classic_2up.odg14.08 KB
Machine_Profile_Classic_2up.pdf26.87 KB
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See how...

See how the bottom of of your lettering is cut off in some of the boxes? That happens to me too when I try using the widget. Does anyone know how to solve that problem?

By the way, you have a great template bjwhaw! I would like to use it...just want to see if I can fix the lettering first.

Sounds like a font issue

If the fonts aren't exactly right (or embedded in the document) then I would expect that cutting-off behavior.

Appears to be a layer problem in the PDF

Is this the DIY-P standard font of Blue Highway ?

In the PDF, if you zoom in to like 400%, there is a gray line on top of the label "Notes"
The other labels appear to be positioned too low.
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Thank you all for the comments. I have fixed what needed to be fixed and changed the Name field. The original idea seemed good at the time, but the gradient was a really bad idea. I do use these forms everyday, but would like to know what you think needs to be added, deleted, or changed.