Photo Frame to Pocket Briefcase (well...sort of)

Hi All

I'm recently joined here but have been watching and learning.

I have been looking at Pocket Briefcases but was slightly hesitant about costs, customisation etc. A week or two ago, I was hunting for something that would work for my needs; Small and slim enough for an inside jacket pocket, space for a weekly diary plus a note-taking space. I wanted something that I would be able to carry always as I seem to have ideas/remember important "to do" items at the most inconvenient times.

I stumbled across a small, leather double photo frame in a stationers called "paperchase", a biggish chain here in the UK.

The idea then began to take one of these and convert it to fit my preferred format of half 6x4 index cards. I spent an hour or so with a scalpel and ruler converting one and, if I say so myself, I am extremely pleased with it. It is not too high-level but it serves my needs, carries 5 cards each side and I can foresee it being used daily. Once a card is full or an idea is noted, I transfer it to my A5 Filofax at the office.

I am looking forward to any comments or suggestions for improvement. I will post up templates that I use to create my cards in case anyone is interested. Some pics on Flickr (I hope) in case you want a look. Keep up the great site.


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Oh how I would love to go to a paperchase store! I drool over their products regularly...

I love your "hack"! Great job and looks very functional... :D

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What a great hack... and low-budget too. I'll have to start haunting the photo aisles at the local housewares stores to see if there's anything similar.

Well Done

That's excellent! I went the other route and bought a couple of 2nd hand Levenger briefcases. Buying them new is expensive. The shipping makes them ridiculously expensive so I put out a wanted ad and, like buses, two turned up at the same time.

They are nice bits of kit but overpriced, so yours is a brilliant idea.