I'm new and need Hipster Help

Despite following the directions to use Open Office Draw to modify the graphics version of Hipster (which it says I'm supposed to be able to modify), I can't. Everything appears as one big block of a graphic, and I can't seem to find a way to separate the elements from the block.

Please tell me what to do next. Thanks.

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Graphic Block


I think the graphic version will appear as a big block. It will stay a big block, too, I think. What you can do is make *new* elements to 'float' over the top of the graphic to overwrite anything you want to change.

Example, if you want to insert day numbers into the month template, you can make a new text element containing numbers, then move that over the top of the graphic so the day numbers look like they're in the boxes..

If you want to replace a column name, for example, you'd have to make a text element with the background the same shade of gray as the existing bar and put your new word in, then position that block over the top of the column name that appears in the graphic.

Does that make sense?


*New* elements that "float"

Ohhhhh....sort of trace over the graphic. It makes good sense, shris. The graphics version is not as flexible as I had thought. Thanks so much for your help.


I think...

the original intent of the graphic version was not to modify the graphics, but to ba able to put them into other documents, to fit onto whatever media you had if you have problems with the pdf versions.

If you really want to heavily customize your templates, there is the widget set, which is an OOo file that has all the graphic elements which you can cut and paste, to create your own templates.

However, as has been mentioned, you can add your own stuff on top of these graphics--in fact, you could use the widgets in conjunction with these graphics to do what you want probably. Give the widgets a look-see--they're in the templates section. :-)


Needs some fiddling, eh?

Thanks, Jon. That's another good idea. I just want to spice the forms up a bit with some color, maybe a flower or two. Seems that I need to set aside a chunk of time to "fiddle" with the DIY Planner systems to do that. I love these things, though, and it seems they are worth the effort.