Time Management from the Inside Out


OK, this is the review I wish I'd written:

The Simple Dollar

I read the book before I read GTD, and this book seemed more useful to me than GTD at first. This book has a lot of very practical stuff that will help anyone who finds that GTD really isn't the be-all-and-end-all for them.

The review is a nice summary of the book, chapter by chapter. My recommendation would be to buy the book (or check it out from the library) if you still feel like your system could use some tweaking to really take care of every concern, even after all the other books you've read.


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Anybody using this system?

I read the review (what a nice one!!) noted by shris and promptly bought the book. As a procrastinator of great note and a reader of anything with the word "organize" in the title, I was fascinated. I tried GTD for a few months and it really has way more detail than I need except for Inbox and Next Actions. I like Morgenstern's closet analogy and her blocks of time ideas; what she says really makes sense to me. So--- I'd really love to hear from others who use her system.
When I discovered the DIY Planner site I was overjoyed to find other people as obsessed as I am with the look and feel of their planners. I currently own an unbelievably lucious Raika chocolate brown planner with a mix of DIY and my own homemade pages. I've been using day planners for about 20 years and have bought untold numbers of Filofax, DayTimer, Franklin Covey and DayRunner binders and systems in classic, personal and mini sizes, looking of course, for the perfect system, which would enable me to become perfectly organized.



I still use elements from her system, like batching and applying artificial structure to the day. I don't follow some of her recommendations (like not checking email in the morning), and I don't have to use the calendar with such strictness these days. But I really like her books and her organizational concepts have been very helpful.

Trent @ The Simple Dollar does awesome reviews of the books he reads. Most of them are financial in nature, but on occasion he branches out.

Anyway, I don't follow any system verbatim anymore. When my life gets more complicated I'll probably hack them all together. But right now it's pretty loose on my end of the world. :)


Thanks for the reply

I agree about not using anyone's system completely; bits and pieces of this and that.... I just love reading about a new system and how people make it work for them. And this site is such a newfound treasure for me!!