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I discovered this site a few days ago just browsing the web as I'm laid up after an emergency appendectomy. I've read everyhting and am absolutely thrilled to discover so many like-minded people. I am not alone! I am not a spend-thrift! I am not weird! But I am fussy and demanding about my work tools - they have to be aesthetically pleasing as well as useful. For years my family have groaned at each new purchase: "You don't need another one, surely?". I've been planner addicted since the days Filofax was a deeply held secret in the UK - I even have 2 duplex systems - and have been through so many different binders and systems since then as my needs and jobs have changed. I'm on the electronic route with a Palm at the moment but have found that I can't plan with it so I'm returning to paper, beautiful paper. I'm even considering joining a mail-forwarding service to buy the Circa system and supplies, I'm so addicted!

Thank you for the ideas and comments here, especially the templates.


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Welcome Kate.

Have fun playing with all the templates!

Oh, I am! I work so hard at

Oh, I am! I work so hard at being organised that I have littel time left over for real work. But I look so organised no-one seems to notice!


Welcome Kate! And watch out,

Welcome Kate! And watch out, the Circa-thing is addictive!!!

Have a good recovery from your appendectomy.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Thanks for the good wishes. The Circa addiction has already started! Actually, a paper addiction is expensive.


Gin, chocolate and SF

Wow. My kind of lady.
Sadly, I am already happily married.

Welcome to the group.

"Share & Enjoy !"
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Glad you found the site... hope you get well very soon!

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Good to have you here -- I am a recent joiner, have found the site to be helpful.... and like you, it has made me feel more normal. Even though I don't carry a towel on May 25 nor dance to asian-scottish music with a dragon on my head and a kilt -- so I am either more normal, or less creative. Either way, I enjoy the site and welcome you warmly.

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