another edition of office supply junk mail

Yes, it happened again. I'm getting more junk mail about office supplies. This one had the jackpot of free samples: a pen (for me) and bubble wrap (which my wife promptly enjoyed popping).

The company sells these pens to business to give away at conferences. The minimum order appears to be 100 pens, and it starts out at 39 cents each. I pointed out to my wife that we can get them for 35 cents each if we order at least 1,000! You can imagine the reaction to this after her comment that we have too many pens and "We can't afford any more free pens."


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: o

I wonder if I will be receiving this piece of snail mail.... I hope I do... I like free pens... a lot. ;)

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What kind?

What kind of pen was it? A sticke pen, click pen? twist? plastic, metal? Interesting...

If more of us get this, I will suspect Levenger. ;-) Not that I'll be complaining, but our "mail person" who picks up our State-side mail might not be too happy at more junk mail to sort through! ;-)