Totes? Bags? Packs?

What do you guys use to carry around your planners and notebooks and pens (oh my!)? I'm suffering from tote angst and I need new ideas.

Right now I carry around one Myndology journal-size notebook and two Rolla/Circa letter-size notebooks, a pencil case that is stuffed to bursting with Hi-Tec-C and Coleto pens, my portable punch, and various other smallish doodads. Sometimes I carry my laptop, too, in a protective sleeve.

I usually throw everything in my LL Bean backpack, but the waterproof coating inside is starting to peel away. :-( Time to start thinking of its replacement...hence the angst. ;-)

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Messenger bags

I used backpacks all through college, then got a JanSport-brand messenger bag once my shoulders started complaining about the weight of the books (thick computer science volumes.) That messenger bag lasted for years. I finally replaced it when my then-employer gave everyone a Timbuk2 messenger bag as a holiday bonus. It's a great bag with TONS of pockets and pen loops and zippers and so on, and is made locally (to me.) My wife was so envious that she got a smaller model to serve as a purse, and loves it just as much.

I have tried over the years

I have tried over the years to come up with the perfect set up and am almost there. My current set up is:

A rather large purse that carries: wallet, bluetooth ear phone, sunglasses, lip gloss and compact, journal, pen, and some little stuff that I always need when I don't have it. oh and my planner of course. It is always a little empty and could prob down size BUT I have 4 children and when we go out it gives me room to include diaper, wipe and sippy cup. I dislike carrying another diaper bag.

Then I have a slim laptop bag that carries: markers, twist up crayons, pens, scissors, tape, stapler, memo pad, current reading book, flylady control journal, avon books, white out, etc. I consider this my portable office. If I need to bring my laptop I could fit it in. But I don't have access to internet when out.

Since I work in an office I bring both with me here and home but when I run to the store, it enables me to be able just to grab my purse without weighing me down.

My solution

I have a mid-sized backpack-purse that holds my wallet and all my gadgets (Palm with keyboard, camera, etc.) and my Classic-sized Circa planner. I can also fit my knitting (I like knitting socks) in if I squish it a little. The small front pocket holds pens, my work ID, chapstick, etc.

I just ordered a small Palm/wallet/notepad combo that has a wrist strap and a belt loop, so I'll be able to just take that when I don't need my whole bag. Otherwise I can toss it in my purse. (The notebook spot in the wallet can take a Circa hPDA. That's what I'm planning for.)

My job has me spending all day in the field seeing clients, so I reduced all my work reference papers and put them in my planner so I don't have to carry a larger bag too. For a while I was hauling around larger bags, but now that I have ebooks on my Palm I don't need to carry anything to read with me. Saves on weight and bag space.

When I have class I take a small slim messenger bag with just pens, my textbook, and a Circa letter-size notebook.

That's it. Simple. I've had this backpack-purse for almost ten years and it's still in great shape. I dread the day I have to find a replacement...

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Man Purse

My five year old teases me about my man purse! He thinks it is the most hilarious thing that I carry a purse out the door to work each day. But here you go:

I am using a helmet bag that pilots in the armed forces use to carry their flight gear in. It is black nylon with thin padding. I have a 10" USMC patch sewed to the outside, along with my name tapes from an old uniform, to masculinate the entire thing. There are a total of four large pockets; two outside and two in. It has a zippered closure. Inside I keep my classic-sized camoflauged dayrunner and a letter size padfolio with full zipper. I then tend to throw in a checkbook, snack, and other small things on an as needed basic.

Personally, I feel that the bag works for me because it is a cross between who I am, as a former military man and current adventure seeker, crossed with the business/casual work environment I spend my days in. The thing lasts forever too. I have carried it every day for nearly 3 years and it looks almost as good as they day I got it.

This link should take you to a picture of something similar:


Pic of your gear, man!

Dude, you _really_ need to post pics of your own load-out! It sounds absolutely cool! (is that dated?) Flickr will do just fine. ;-)


Nice bag

A big of Googling found these for under $20.

Does yours have a shoulder strap ? That is the only thing I'd want to add.
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Man purse!

Tell him, "It's called a 'satchel.'" LOL!

That size bag looks like it would be great for toting around 12"x12" scrapbooks. Thanks!

I carry a Timbuk2 messenger

I carry a Timbuk2 messenger bag. For a really long time I was carrying a backpack everywhere, but that just seemed like overkill a lot of the time and I really like having my bag with me all the time. In it I normally have pretty much the basics: current reading book, hpda, Rhodia notepad, ipod. I also have a computer bag for my laptop if I want to take that anywhere. Finally I still use my backpack for work purposes, though I'm on summer vacation right now so it's out of rotation. I bike commute to work so I need something big enough to carry my work clothes as well as stacks of student papers.

Another vote for the Timbuk2

I also carry a Timbuk2. It's the large all black one. It keeps my sleeved laptop, DIYPlanner (5.5x8.5" pages), and whatever books I'm reading. I also love the pockets to hold my pens, Sharpies, index cards, mp3 player, camera, spare keys, and a couple *really* small flashlights. (plus ibuprofen :)

I love it. I originally bought it to use for culinary school, but I got dragged back into the world of IT. It's an awesome bag.

You guys ?

What do you guys use to carry around your planners and notebooks and pens ?

All I have seen are female responses, he said preparing to run away very fast should trouble start
I have a messenger bag that is about the same size as a briefcase turned on its end. Inside is a pair of Levenger Circa Zip Folios, Letter and Junior/Classic and assorted other detritus.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


The New Englander in me wanted to type "yous guys". It's too much of a bother to be slang-neutral and gender-inspecific! ;-)

How about...

you folks ?
y'all ?
all'y'all ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

How funny...

...I've never been offended by the use of "guys" to mean "everyone", and I've been a girl all my life. :-)


or you'nes guys?

I never thought it was weird growing up, but in college, I stopped saying it _real_ quick.... (that was in the deep south.) ;-)


Anoddah guy

I used to use an Eddie Bauer messenger bag/soft attache, but it ended up carrying so much unused stuff that I abandoned it for a small sling bag I got as a bonus gift for a donation to the local PBS television station. I used to use backpacks, but found that I slung them over one shoulder most of the time and didn't wear it like a backpack. I'm now using a larger sling bag I found at a school supplies sale at the local drugstore and it can carry my PDA, Circa hPDA and junior size notebooks, lunch, iPod, sunglasses, pens, keys, stamps, cell phone, and occasionally, a letter size file folder. The triangular shape doesn't suit the latter very well, but the shape rides well on one shoulder. I don't usually put the strap across my chest - just let it hang from one shoulder. It looks cheap, and it was, but maybe less conspicuous for that.

I don't usually pack a laptop in it, and would either have to go with a small laptop in a sleeve or get a new bag to fit it all.

Haven't found the perfect solution, but this is currently serviceable.

Anyone calling it a "manbag" within earshot is risking their life. :-)


Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai


I have a lovely messenger bag with lots of pockets but none fit a bottle of water (i carry the 24 oz sport bottles daily) so I'm on the look out for a new one ... but I don't want to give up my pockets!

I carry a sketchbook, a notebook or three, the current reading selection of the moment, a dozen or so pens, pencils, highlighers (not including my separate box for just for art stuff).

I have been bouncing around in terms of what I'm using for my daily journal/planner ... today I have a 4.25 by 5.5 inch rolla notebook I made with various tabs. I grabbed a huge stack of paper that was going to be recycled and chopped it up into quarters... figured I'd use it again before sending it to the recycler.

My purse is full of all kinds of stuff... from pens to my MP3 player to bandaids... I need to clean it out - it's too heavy.

I really need to find a system that works... I've lost my groove :(

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I feel your pain!

My system isn't working now, either. When your groove is off, *everything* is off.

I'm messenger-bag-curious. My laptop weighs over 10lb (darn that glorious 17" screen straight to heck) and it just barely fits in my backpack. I can't go larger in the backpack because (1) I'm not tall enough and (2) they really don't make day/book packs any bigger than what I've already got. What's it like carrying a heavy load in a messenger bag? Is it more comfortable than having the weight distributed evenly over your shoulders?

I have this on-again, off-again love affair with Vera Bradley. I keep thinking that a large quilted tote would make me happy, but it won't keep my stuff dry if I walk home from work in the rain. And the new fall patterns are pretty nice....

im tote curious

this might sound odd for a 27 y/o but i want one of those uber tote bags the older ladies have that go to the library! I have no sewing skills but I think I could hand sew a tote bag ... but I'm afraid of the elements getting in there and ruining stuff - especially library books.

My messenger bag is comfy... i wear it cross body. If its really full it is as uncomfy as a really full backpack. I have a lot of trouble carrying a backpack over one shoulder... hurts too quickly.

we need to find a diyplanner member who sews and can do custom orders for reasonable rates... that way we could have everything we needed in a custom beautiful bag of our choise :D hehe. I *AM* a dreamer...

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Library ladies?

Can you post a picture of the "library lady" tote?

My sister owns a quilt shop. We were just talking about designing our own totes and purses today. :-)

kinda like this:

LINK to flickr image

Personally I really love this example of a simple tote... She sells em but I'm poor :( I would like to have a top snap or even a flap and some pockets inside...

I wish I had a sewing machine!

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That would be soooo easy to make!


I adore the skrappysak link ...Would that be easy?

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If you've sewn before, I think so!

This will be more difficult than a square tote because of the curved seams, but still less complicated than something with a zipper! :-)

Knitting bag

Try going to a store that has knitting supplies or teaches knitting. They have these wonderful deep bags meant to hold your knitting yarn and needles. Two deep pockets inside, one zips. Outside, a zip pocket that holds keys and wallet and cell phone. The whole thing is made of tapestry material or solid and cinches shut with the webbing straps. Ultra light and easy and about $50.
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You could use oil cloth. it

You could use oil cloth. it is water resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean. I've been meaning to make a bag lately. Honest, it's on my to-do list. I just can't do zippers.

Darth Zipper

Zippers make me crazy. I think the key is to just practice. I bought a half dozen zippers last week with the intention of practicing with them...but they scare me too much. LOL

well to be honest, i've

well to be honest, i've never tried. But the thought of them scares me silly.


I think I might sew up a book tonight and use that for awhile... I should get out my junior sized rolla/circa stuff and get back on that track. I cannot remember how I fell off :(

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Messenger bag?


You must be strong. Even I would hesitate to lug around a 10 lb laptop! :-)

Putting all that weight on one shoulder is surely going to cause more problems than distributing across two. I figure that with the laptop, plus your other necessities and the weight of the bag itself, you're probably looking at close to 16-20 lb total. That may too much weight for you to put on one shoulder. It might cause some spinal problems and certainly could result in back strain.

Maybe distribute the weight across two bags? One to hold your laptop and not much else, and another for everything else. Then you could sling one over one shoulder and the other over the other one. Could get pretty cumbersome though.

Perhaps a rolling laptop carrier would be your best bet? That can be awkward at times, but it'd be a lifesaver other times. I surely found it to be the latter, especially on road trips when I had to carry a laptop, projector, and accessories.

In any case, you want something that has a really comfortable and strong shoulder strap and a strongly constructed bag throughout. A tote bag might not be strong enough.

Anyway, my two bits, appropriate or not. :-)


Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai

My will is stronger than my arms! :-)

I'm not so thrilled about lugging a laptop this big. I usually only take it home on weekends.

Interesting suggestion, but I don't think I could do two bags. That would probably drive me nuts. If I had to walk any distance with my laptop and assorted whatevers, I'd probably just alternate shoulders.

A rolling laptop carrier might work, but I'll admit that my pride is wounded just considering that option. :-) Maybe later when I'm more mature, LOL.


there are schools that require that kids only have rolling backpacks since so much research has been done on the damage heavy bags can do...

if i ever got a laptop, i think i'd get one of those messenger style bags - but if i had to walk a long distance, id go for wheels :D

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I do two...

I guess I gave up on my pride a while ago! LOL. I'm in the more mature camp, so the practical wins out for me. I've been traveling with two carry-ons when I take my laptop - 1) a dedicated laptop bag with the usual accessories, plus a limited amount of paper files and documents, and 2) a small or medium size sling bag for personal stuff, iPod, snacks, travel documents, books, PDA, cell phone, reading glasses, sunglasses, etc. (guess that qualifies as a man purse!). Then I stuff the laptop bag into the overhead and keep just the sling bag within easy reach under the seat during the flight. It is cumbersome lugging two bags but trying to stuff everything into one bag with the laptop would make it uncomfortably heavy and bulky, even for me.

Now if I could convince my office to let me dump the big Dell 15" laptop for a smaller one, preferably a MacBook "Thin", I could probably find one bag to carry everything.


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B. Banzai?


This bag is great! It has 6 deep pockets that line the inside of the bag. I carry files, books, I could put my 15" laptop in there with stuff. You are right about the rain though, the toggle closure is not going to keep anything dry, but I don't walk that far. The straps are sturdy and not so thin that they dig into your shoulder with a heavy load

I'm envious of those Timbuk2 bags, I didn't want to spend the money. But Vera isn't cheap either.

(Hi, I'm new - I love this place!)
THE Planganizer

Vera Bradley maniac! (Sorry, men)

I got off the plane this summer in the Columbus, Ohio airport and realized that the world was different. EVERY women had Vera Bradley- or so it seemed. So, I have now the laptop tote in both my winter and summer patterns and it makes me carry less. It has a smaller profile and looks less like I have a computer in there. Their bags are aamzing and very pretty---plus they wash! The totes they sell are loaded with pockets.

My everyday office bag, however, is one I got in Buenos Aires- leather, of course--and it is very soft and shapeless... shaped like a briefcase with a large flap over the front. I carry my Levenger Junior Circa planner, Circa Junior Foldover for notes, a Levenger leather pen carrying case and a Levenger discontinued Circa address case that carries the address forms. I have been a Levenger customer for many years.

"To fly, we must have resistance."

My Load Toter

Holding pens, pencils, my LV Portable Office, moleskines, a pocket MiquelRius, today a classic Circa notebook, plus other books, iPod and my awesome travel mug caribiner, my LL Bean Carryall Briefcase.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

so what is

so what is an LV Portable Office and a pocket MiquelRius?

Google is your friend

MiquelRius is a brand/type of notebook/journal

LV Portable Office: this one took some digging. LV == Lee Valley

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Or you can just...

use one of these
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Hmm... they come in a larger size? I have a *lot* of pens.


does it come in any other colors? ;D

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I've driven one of these!

I was in danger of losing ME in the "pockets," let alone my planner and notebooks. On the plus side, no one would be able to reach your pen to swipe it when you weren't looking...

Where did they find such

Where did they find such little people to pose next to the truck?

I got a nice work bag with

I got a nice work bag with lots of pockets at Target for less than $30. I love it!

It's complicated but....

I use one of these:


2 pens, i-pod nano and my customised planner. I'm good to go
(see photo frame to pocket briefcase thread and all will become clear)

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thought for those people who can't remember where they leave things."


to be honest, I don't want to carry a purse anymore :p but i have so much crap in there that i'll need if its not with me :sigh:

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Danish school bag

If Levenger doesn't bankrupt me, the quest for the perfect bag will. That said, I keep returning to my trusty Danish school bag. ( It's tough, meticulously constructed, and very comfortable to carry. It holds everything (my laptop in a sleeve, books, planner, drink, etc.) without looking or feeling bulky. And it's gorgeous - slouchy yet strangely elegant.

By the way, nothing exudes self-confidence like a man with a man-purse, especially one who embraces the term. Stand proud, my friends!


Two people recommended Danish school bags to me today. I had no idea these things existed until then. Very odd!

* Twilight Zone theme... *



I carry a small classic Rolla planner & pen (no fluffy covers, just plastic for me), a wallet with checkbook/pen, some misc bits, and sometimes a small photo album full of coupons in my purse.

The purse is a leather 3-pocket zip-top back with a strap long enough to go cross-body. I don't have a brand name, but I bought it at Belk on sale at the end of winter. This one has a giant brass-bound tassel on one zipper and the leather is a grayish blue tooled with a floral pattern.

The bottom panel is about 4" wide by about 11" long. The side panels are 8" high. Inside one of the zip pockets is a smaller zip pocket, and on the outside of either end is a cellphone type pocket. I use one for the phone and the other for my keys, but it would work just as well for a PDA or a bottle of pain relievers or a deck of cards.

All the rest of my junk stays on my desk, mostly. When I have to go into the plant to work, I have a company-issued laptop bag that I use for the laptop, mouse, cables, and a few file folders. I have a black tote that I stuff with my lunch and snacks.

So when I'm headed into the plant from the parking lot, I've got purse, laptop bag, and tote. If it's raining, an umbrella too. So I'm a bit of a pack mule at those times. But since I do that about once every three months or so it's not a big deal. I might go back to my rolling bag if I had to do it every day.


new bag

I just bought the Tumi triple compartment tote on sale for $100.00 off. You can find it here: It's item number 48178D. Tumi's stuff is great, and the Vista line is especially light weight and attractive for professional women. I have a couple of the messenger bags from Tumi (one Vista and one from their Tech line). They are great for hauling lots of stuff during business and travel. They are light weight, durable, and professional looking. They have great organization features (pockets, pen loops, etc.). Getting one on sale just makes all this comfort, efficiency, and organization even sweeter! I almost bought a Timbuk2 Cargo Tote. They are wonderful. Since the Tumi is on sale, and it offers a bit more professional polish, I went that route.
yours truly, me


Only mildly embarrassing to admit: I went to a leathermaker, designed a bag and had him make it to my specifications. It can be a briefcase, but as I'm a woman, it is also a functional and appropriate purse. And because I ride a motorcycle, it can be put on like a messenger bag. Straps are adjustable, so they are also short handles.

He also made be a backpack (same leather) but it is too small to hold the laptop. Both bags have the same idea--they are lined in a light-colored, water-resistant nylon so I can find what I need. And they have pockets lined up around the sides, so I can stow checkbook, wallet, hairbrush in places I can find them, leaving the middle open for files and computer. With very little pleading, I will send photos.
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I would love to see pics!

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Bag/Purse/tote Pix

I'm new to posting here, although I've been reading for a long time. I don't know how to post picture links like the others, so I wrote a blog, "Right Bag for the Write Job" and posted it on my blog for June 16. (Had a blank spot there.)
So the permalink is here:
And the blog is here: Click on June 16 in the right hand calendar.
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What a fantastic bag!

Your bag looks perfect! What a great idea. Thank you for sharing your pictures and the designer/manufacturer information. It is such a challenge to carry a lot of stuff, stay organized, and still have a polished looking system without too much weight. Looks like you've mastered it. Congratulations!
yours truly, L.

me too! me too!

About how much did this run you? In comparison to an already made bag?

Custom bag price

The bag cost around $400, which sounds very expensive, but the per-use price has made it worth it. I saved up for six months to be able to do it. I own 20-30 bags that don't work for everything like this one does. If I paid just $30 for each of those (and none of them were that cheap) I'd have $600 worth of unused bags. All those bags, totes, and purses and none of them has gotten the use this one does.
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Quality trumps quantity,

Quality trumps quantity, even if it comes at a price, IMO, especially if it is a useful item which can also be a pleasure to use. Nice bag, great idea. For anyone who doesn't want to splash out that much, but wants more organisation in their bag, here is a product, or inspiration for retrofitting a bag for all the little bits and bobs very simply.

Similar idea, but comes in nice colors

Another option for organizing little odds and ends in big bags:

the bag organizer

A great idea for normal people. I try to be normal, really. Turns out that I wanted a bag that could hold a lot or a little. And I can't carry a bag that's too wide, as the "wide" role in life belongs to my rear end. So I needed a bag with everything on the walls, and the center free for files or the computer. But the idea is great for people who change purses often. And don't want to forget stuff.
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Oh MY.....

Quinn, I also lurk here more than I post, but I had to come out of hiding to say that I love this bag. What a great idea! I am a bag and planner collector...a closet stuffed with "almost" bags and a drawer spilling with "not quite right" planners.

I just found the almost perfect bag, microfiber Kenneth Cole Reaction on sale at Macy's. Lots of pockets, and with three long interior sections, one fits my wonderful circa classic planner, one zippered for wallet and stuff, and another for the small knitting project or my MobilePro mini laptop. Small inside pockets for cell phone and such. Outside pocket for water bottle. As I said, almost perfect. But I keep thinking, if there were just a few more small pockets along the more zipper....soft leather exterior.....if I could only design my own bag....

And now, you've shown me the solution! My aha moment! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

...running off giggling madly...

perfect bag

It has occurred to me that 'the perfect bag' may be like a search for the Holy Grail. I've had MacClay leather make me two bags, and it turns out that two perfect bag reduces the need a great deal. And it turns out I like certain leathers more than others. But you always wonder. . . .
certified creativity coach

Well said!

It has occurred to me that 'the perfect bag' may be like a search for the Holy Grail.

So true, so true!

Ni !! Ni !!

...and there was much rejoicing.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

What is your favorite color?, blue...AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I've been customizing a Timbuk2 messenger for my laptop for the past 2 days and that's how I feel! I can't settle on the colors I want!

What... the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Now go away...

or I shall taunt you a second time, filthy English Ka-nig-it!

Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of Elderberries...

I never finish anyth

My lot

I carry a smallish Thai leather backpack purse with wallet, keys, iPod and hPDA, fountain pen, and whatnot. When needed, I also carry a rolling leather briefcase by Wilsons (which I can't find on their website) that carries everything else, laptop and cables, moleskine, books, files, and whatever else I need that day. I call it My Office™.


I use a briefcase - being of the generation that preceded backpack toting. It's a large canvas Lands' End briefcase with 2 zippered main compartments (which is essential) which they might not make anymore, although it's similar to what is now in their catalog as the Deluxe Laptop Attaché. (The second compartment is meant for a laptop - but I rarely carry my laptop in the briefcase, it has its own briefcase - exactly as wikeh2004 does, I rarely use the laptop except on trips). In the briefcase is the planner, 2+ notebooks, an artist's pencil case containing all those pens, and file folders patterned after those sold at David Allen's site as "GTD File Folders #30620" - but, of course, they're DIY for me.

American Tourister Bag

I asked for, and received, the perfect birthday present a couple years American Tourister bag from Office Max. I can carry my laptop on one side (with enough spare room for my lunch, too).

On the other side of the bag I carry my paper planner du jour.

The bag is perfect for me. It's the only piece of my system (other than my filing system) that has gone unchanged.


Levenger Bomber Jacket Brief

Available here

Its cavernous main, segmented compartment, zippered stash pockets, and the outer, smaller stash pocket make it the perfect day-to-day bag for carrying rather large, cumbersome texts, notebooks, and the miscellany an engineering student must haul about. It's not inexpensive, but the feel and heady aroma of the leather, its durable construction, and capacious hold make it worth consideration. Ask Rasmussen about it.


Another of my weak spots...

Another of my weak spots... bags

My planner is quite small, and fits even in my pocket (very useful when I take it grocery shopping), and also quite easily fits in a purse. But I usually carry a backpack, a dark red medium backpack from MEC. Quite sturdy and perfect for hikes, because you don't want to be without your planner if you meet a grizzly.

Trying again.

I ordered another new bag. It should be in by the weekend. This one's a small backpack. Hope it turns out to be The One...

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You might consider bagging the whole idea.

he said ducking and running away very fast :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Don't make me hurt you. :)

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Whip me ...

Beat me
Make me write bad checks

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

New bag arrived!

I really like it. My review is here.

(Yes, I really did just write a review of a backpack. Hey, it's a cool bag and maybe other people would like it too... Still, I am SUCH a geek!)

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Army Navy Surplus

My current "Man Bag" is an old army satchel. I think it is actually of German origin circa WWII, but I am not 100% sure. It is about 11 inches (29 centimeters) tall by 10 inches (24 centimeters) wide and 3 and 3/4 inches (10 centimeters) deep. It has two pouches on the sides that I really don't use for much other then stuffing trash into. The cover flips down from the top to hide two separate compartments on the inside. In here the following items are usually found: 1. Tapwave Zodiac 2. Hipster PDA with Agenda and Waiting For forms 3. My Moleskine (currently a cashier) 4. Checkbook 5. Dixon Ticonderoga yellow pencil 5. A 512MB thumb drive 6. My Rotring Core Rollerball pen 7. and a small handmade journal that I don't even remember where I purchased it from. This I use to capture interesting quotes that I come across.
I used to use a bag by Marmot similar to this ( I also used it as my day pack when hiking and now that I am actually hiking more and not just talking about it I got tired of swapping out my regular stuff for my survival gear. So now that all parties involved are bored to tears I sign off . . .

The scarf holds it all

Forget the bags, totes, and purses. All I really need is a scarf.

the solution


$44? I'll find a hack for that ;P

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And here's the hack! :)

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speaking of bags

Get a drift of this!
the Nantucket Bagg!

My wife sent me the link today... got it off of a crochet web board. ;-)



That's pretty clever!

Cool bags

what does everyone think of this bag?

Hey everyone, coming out of lurkdom to ask opinions on this bag.

It looks wonderful...any thoughts?


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What about this one?

This looks like it might be a good one.
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B. Banzai?

Thumbs up

My husband has several of this type of bag (helmets are stored in them...image that ;-), and I often cast an eye toward them and wonder if he'd miss one. They are lightweight and water-resistant and very durable. I'll bet they would tote a 12x12 scrapbook very well - must remember that for crops. I don't think you can go wrong for $30!

Another bag suggestion

I'm coming out from lurking to put forth this site for's definitely marketed to women, but you get to choose your fabric design from, oh, 300 fabrics or something! Can you tell I've been lusting after one of these for some time?

Maybe someday...but for now, it's amazing how much time I can waste switching fabrics and changing out leather accents!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Cooooooooool! :-)

Oh I have sinned...

I've taken a new puppy home:


Will report.

If that is sin...

...I don't want to be holy! :-D

Cool bag

I haven't got one of these but it looks cool.

Solar charging bag

suggestion for traveling office needed.

hi..i am trying to find a good traveling office that can take on the tough city streets of new must fit a hp laptop and a small portable scanner, and the wires that goes along with carry paper work..and a small meal...thank you

Another good option for a

Another good option for a manpurse is a camera bag. They tend to be very unisex, come in all kinds of sizes, and are really, really functional. And because a lot of photographers want a bag that doesn't scream "expensive equipment steal me", they usually don't necessarily look like you should have a camera in them. Bonus points if you do, though.


LL Bean, AFAIK, should replace it, no questions asked. That's they're typical policy. Now, if they don't make the same model anymore, I'm not sure what they do.

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CarryingAround: Circa, Rollabind, DIYPlanner, and Kenneth Cole

I've drooled over the Levenger Circa leather dayplanner covers for years. A few weeks ago I was going through my stash of old 3- and 7-ring classic-size dayplanner binders, in search of one with removable rings to adapt for my newest Rollabind DIYPlanner. My frustration rose as binder after binder had rings that were riveted in, as opposed to being attached to a slide-out or Velcro-ed backing of some kind. But I determined that one of the binders, a largish Kenneth Cole Reaction binder with lots of interior pockets, was perfectly configured for sliding in the translucent cover of my DIYP, if I could just get rid of the rings. My husband came to my rescue and and used a mallet and chisel to slice through the two brads holding in the rings, and he instantly became my hero. Since then my craving for Levenger leather dayplanner covers has lessened severely as my politically correct "re-use" binder is working wonderfully!
I purchased the KCR binder at a local Kenneth Cole outlet store in one of our local Outlet Malls. If you need a good leather dayplanner cover, it might be worth a trip. If I remember correctly this binder was over $75 originally and may have been more than that. I can just about guarantee I got it for less than $50 as that's about the limit my conscience will let me spend on such things, except at Christmas or my birthday. Most of them will be ring binders, but look at them with a creative eye and you may find the bones of good disc cover! :-)
PS - if anyone knows an easier way to remove ring mechanisms from binders of various sizes, we're definitely open to suggestions! HELP!