Cannibalize for DIY

I thought it would interesting to share stories of cannibalizing for the sake of DIYPlanners.

I recently rescued a large stack of one side printed pages out of recycling, chopped em down and now have PLENTY of quarter pages to try out a new method of DIYPlanning. :D

Am I the only one who digs through the bins aroudn the office? Am I the only one who watches for unwanted notebooks, folders, papers, etc?

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You're not alone...

Quoting myself from another topic:

In the meanwhile, I've become a magpie at home and the office, yanking things out of the recycling bin for repurposing into DIY projects.

"You're not throwing that folder out, are you? That's perfectly serviceable tab material!"

"Don't toss those cover sheets -- I can cut them down, punch them, and make a nice scratch pad for you out of an old poly folder I found in my kids' room."

do you

do you get odd looks too?

I think my coworkers wonder what I do with all the stuff I take out of here :D

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We are the sane ones..

I'm always grabbing cast off notebooks for potential covers. Card stock as well for adding extra, colour-coded pages to the filofax.

Not just with stationery either, I am often found on the building site out back looking for wood for turning.

Here's to the 3 Rs

"Astronomers say the universe is finite, which is a comforting
thought for those people who can't remember where they leave things."


I adore recycling and reusing things... I found a rusty old broken wind chime and "repaired" it using stuff aroudn the house - I hung it proudly in my garden. I think my neighbors are getting the hang of it since they often ask if I could find a use for somehting before they throw it. :D

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I've been able to keep it

I've been able to keep it from my co-workers so far. my dh on the other hand is beginning to get a clue. We've only been married for 18 months so he hasn't fully caught on. Although a huge tip was making him find pink hanging folders for me. There was 1 box at work (we work for a division of Staples) and I made hime snag it for me.


id love to work for an office supply store! or a stationery shop!

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me too! haha. it's actually

me too! haha. it's actually a distribution part that sells packaging supplies, not office supplies. so I'm out of luck. they don't even offer an employee discount. rotten bastards.

Scurvy dogs!


I am but a simple caveman.

Ha Ha!

Hayes Office Products

Who's a lucky boy??

I never finish anyth

To quote Napoleon Dynamite...



u lucky ducky!

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Did you seriously just pinch me??

I never finish anyth


tee hee :pinch pinch pinch: <3

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AAARGH! Cut it out!

Doug! Sara's pinching me! Tell her to stop!

LOL - Have a good night kids, I'm out...

I never finish anyth

Scavenger hunting - office style

Nah, you're not the only one. I prowl the forgotten corners of the office quite frequently like that.

Heck, it's often worth it to just find what's been forgotten on the printer. Keep up with what management's up to when you salvage a stack of waste paper and find out about the office downsizing in advance... :)


never any juicy details in my reusables :D

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Office Recyclers Anonymous

No, you are not alone. I get mercilessly teased at my office for grabbing file folders out of recycling bins. People throw them away simply because they labeled the folder tab, and now no longer need its contents. It's 'used' because it was written upon. I pick them up and paste a sticker (or labeler label) over the previous writing. Amazingly, some people write in pencil and still throw their folder away because it's "used." (Fortunately I come supplied with 'erasers'). What seems silly waste to me is seen as a odd quirk to my co-workers, one colleague even saves his discarded folders in a pile and hands them to me when I visit his office.


how wasteful! i can't stand not using something several times. now i even use pieces of cardboard boxes for pad backers that i make here at work.

i now get all dead batteries on my desk because i complained about people just throwing them away. i keep an old milk jug in the kitchen - when its full i'll take it to the hazardous waste site :) now if only i could get them to leave other goodies on my desk too ;D

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I thought the same thing!

Senseless waste is a shame--and for them to think you the oddball! Sheesh, I'm using file folders I first started using back in the early 90s! How do I know? My wife used a couple for paying bills, and they have writing all over them--with dates. ;-) Granted, I'm a bit extreme when it comes to file folders, because you can't buy good, American folders here, but still... to use something once--and write in pencil and throw it away!!! blech!




I don't hoard bits and pieces that much. I don't throw out things that don't fit my current model, I stuff them in a box for later. But I don't canvas other people's trash to find bits I might use later.

Instead, I develop a need first, THEN go hunting for the misc bits to make it work. Example: I have an idea for a 3x5 holder for a classic planner. I develop a concept in my head, then go hunting through the house and garage for bits that might fit. I might find packing tape, or shrink wrap tube/bags, or file folders or bits of leftover plastic or paper from some other job. The durable goods get kept--like the 3x5 boxes I used to use for my SHE system.

Things that have use all by themselves without modification might get stored for a while, but if they're paper, they don't stick around long. File folder materials and other ordinary office paper doesn't last forever--the acids in the paper make it start to degrade after a while. My old 3x5 cards are now kid-toys on occasion, along with the envelopes and plastic divider pockets that used to hold them.

Heck, even my extra rolla rings serve as kid toys these days. My toddlers love to dump them out, mix them up, sort them out, etc.

Mostly, though, I don't scavenge unless I have a specific purpose in mind.


Recycling office supplies

Yes, I "salvage" too. I scored a lot of Franklin stuff years ago as fellow workers "lost the faith". Also, a lot of commercial binders are made better than the newer stuff available now.

I make scratchpads from junk mail & other "barely used paper. I make template card out of several layers of "reused" postcards and cut the sheets accordingly. Red Devil wallpaper scissors have long thin Fiskars type blades and are great for this.

One other bonus is that the back (used) side of used paper is a great memory jogger.

I learned the idea of reuse as a youngster from my grandmother who lived on the farm during the depression.