Guillotine-style paper!

I have a small guillotine-style paper cutter and I am unable to make a right angle with the darned thing. What should I be doing to make the paper lay flat while I chop its head off? I would really like to be able to cut rectangles with it. All these wacky quadrilaterals with >90 or <90 corners look very strange in my hipster. :-(

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do you cut one sheet at a time?

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Yes. I also tried cutting

Yes. I also tried cutting two and three sheets, but that's even worse than just one.


My advice is to slide that paper up to the top thing and then slap your hand down and press as hard as you can... if it still has issues, the blade may need sharpening (?) ... just watch out for your fingers :D

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I'll give that a try. *crossing fingers* ;-)

What I did to get fairly

What I did to get fairly straight cuts was take a piece of painter's tape and stick it on the bed of the paper cutter over the preprinted rule marks at the 5 1/2" mark. I then took a ruler and measured from the cutting edge over exactly 5 1/2" and made a mark on the painter's tape with a very sharp pencil. Did the same several inches further down the cutting edge, being very careful to line the ruler up exactly the same way as for the previous mark. It is helpful if you have a wide ruler that you can line up with the cutter edge. I then very carefully drew a line on the painter's tape connecting the two marks.

When I need to cut paper, I line it up with the mark on the painter's tape so that the edge of the paper just kisses the line drawn on the tape. When the paper is cut, it's pretty square in the corners.

You might have to erase and redraw the line a few times and cut up a bunch of paper to get it right. But once you do, you have a good reference point for all future cuts.



Great idea. I'll keep this in mind if I ever get this thing to cut well! :-)

Try laying a ruler down on your cutting base

My cutter has a lever to press down to hold the paper in place while cutting. My cutter before did not have such a device. I used a ruler (I discovered not to use my favorite ruler after a sorrowful experience one slice) on top of the paper, aligning it parallel to the cutting blade, press down with your left hand while lowing blade with your right. If you don't jerk your left hand, you should get a 90 degree cut.

Parallelograms are not cool in a binder -- trapezoids are even worse.

The Passionate Pilgrim

Trapezoids <> good pages

I have a bar like that on my cutter. It helps, but doesn't solve the problem.

I tried cutting some cardstock and I got much better results. I think maybe this particular cutter likes 110lb paper better than the 65lb paper I was using for my hipster forms.


if the lighter paper is giving you the problems, maybe try paperclipping a few pieces together or binder clipping em and try to do it that way (?)

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Hold down hard!

I do what Sara suggested -- make sure a straight edge is up against the top of the cutter, then carefully and firmly push down at the bottom part of the paper so it doesn't slide when I bring the arm down to cut the paper. I usually get pretty good results this way.

Once again...

...quilting saves my life. LOL!

I pulled out one of my dozen or so self-healing mats, a 6"x12" ruler, and a rotary cutter. Perfect cuts every time, I can easily make my hipster pages *exactly* 3"x5", it's fast, and I already have all the tools.

The guillotine's going to my SU! upline's garage sale next week. So long, uncooperative trapezoid-maker!


any chcance of you whipping up some nice totes after you cut some hipster cards? ;)

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"Contact tab" me! :-D