Nothing went to waste, except a couple pieces of cardboard...

I decided to de-Skine. That is, to let the Moleskine go and consolidate things a bit. I am using Franklin Covey Compact and I find that the 3/4" thick stack of extra specialty pages are going unused at present. So I took a 8.5x11" quad pad and cut it up to make looseleaf notebook paper. I found that since the FC Compact pages are 4.25x6.75" each sheet yields 3 compact sheets with a 1.25x4.25" slip left over. So I took the stack of leftovers and made a jotting pad similar to that two-ring Levenger business card sized pad.

Since I know that abandoning a Moleskine is akin to blaspheming the Holy Spirit, if you will please let me know where the effigy will be hanged and burnt I will be glad to bring the makings for s'mores.

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Nice use of the leftover bits.

Nice Set Up

Looks great! You make me giggle too! :) Looking forward to the s'mores!
nay nay