diy planner

just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has developed the diy planner. i have been using it for about 7 months and i love it. and i have used almost every paper planner out there. i wish i had found the diy planner before spending all the money on the other planners.
thanks again!!!

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Satellite Letter Size Solution? Also - for those in sales...

dI have been using a paper planner with letter size templates and LOVE and APPRECIATE everyones content and suggestions...ONE PROBLEM I CONTINUE TO ENCOUNTER - - - When I travel - a lot - I have tried bringing a lighter binder as a satellite notebook, but it is still a pain...Anyone have a good satellite notebook idea, so that I can remove template pages and pop them into another binder?

Also, for those of you like me who are in sales and cover several areas, I keep all contacts and notes in outlook, but initially I use my meeting notes, etc... to track the info...THEN - should I organize the pages by region/date/next action/a-z??? I am confused since I have tried using file folders for each prospect then binders A-Z, but it is so repetitive - making copies for binder, file folder and then inputting it into outlook???????????????? I could just print out outlook notes, but I am too lazy to input more than the basics and take long notes, print out prep research and follow up reminders w/ tabs...ANY HELP WITH THOSE W/ SIMILAR ISSUES? THANKS FOR YOUR SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!


My satellite is a hPDA, circafied, with blanks and DIY Planner forms, including calendars. That works for me. The key is to synch often.


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