Rasmussen, RE: Circa Weekly Pages

Ryan - I am a devoted Circa User, but I find myself frustrated by the weekly page offerings.

Currently, my Circa Junior Zip Folio is set up with monthly tabs, and I use Compact To Do sheets to track my weekly tasks and appointments. I use the Compact size so I can insert each week's sheets into the current month and still see part of the monthly calendar. Also, it makes it easier to lift the Compact sheets to view the entire monthly calendar.

I would LIKE to use the To Do sheets for tasks only, and use appointment sheets for my weekly appointments, but here is my dilemma:

1) The Circa PDA has a nice weekly appointment refill that would be ideal, but it's only offered in that format.

2) There is a Daily Appointments sheet that is offered in the Junior size. That would be a good compromise, but for some reason, it is not offered as a separate refill, only as part of the sampler, which gets pricey. And it's not offered in the Compact size, so I'd have the problem of totally covering up the monthly tabbed calendar.

3) If I use pages from a Circa Agenda, I always have the last part of the previous week and the first part of the next week showing, because the pages are duplexed. Clunky.

I know this probably seems fiddley. But with all of Circa's flexibility, it surprises me that some sort of daily or weekly scheduling page that could be easily used individually isn't available - at the very least, the one you are already including in the Circa Junior refill sampler.

Comments, anyone?

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Daily Appointments & Duplexing: Circa


You aren't the only one to voice these specific issues. Duplexed pages that share alternating weeks makes customizing the agenda pretty difficult. It wasn't until we heard how customers were inserting action lists and daily appointments within weekly and monthly sections, as well as courting frustration by trying to insert monthly dividers into the letter-sized agenda, that we realized something needed to change.

Coordinating the needed changes hasn't been swift; Yet, I can assure you our merchants have been speaking with the printers about this for some time. Designing a system around flexibility really requires taking the steps you prescribed as well as reacting quickly to such suggestions.

We have a few projects underway that might provide faster, albeit unexpected, solutions than through operating within regular supply chains. I promise to keep you and the DiyP crew at the front of the curve on these developments. (The value of feedback here has already proven to be an incredible method for co-creative innovation.) Unfortunately, I don't have a solution in the immediate future. [read: next few months]


As for the daily appointments, we did carry this template in the junior and letter size. The reason it is only available in the sampler pack is because the line sold individually was cancelled and reduced to clearance price.

The method by which you have incorporated compact pages into the junior pages is quite compelling. I can see the value of the daily appointment pages in the compact size for something like this. I'll see what I can do to make this work.

Further, I would be willing to bet that this problem might be fixed as a result of the aforementioned project involving the agenda. Again, I'm unable to offer an immediate solution. However, I'd like to try to make things right.

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree that this would be

I agree that this would be nice. I would suggest a compromise in having month-by-month sections for which the whole month is easily removable, as the Franklin Covey system does. I prefer that order - month view followed by weekly or daily pages.

Specifically, I don't like having all the monthly view calendars at the beginning of the circa agenda. I would prefer to have a bunch of thin, paper tabs, like franklin covey, for each month, at the beginning of each month's weekly pages. Note, although I love your plastic tabs, they'd be too thick to have one for each month.

Also, you have to sell the calendar pages separately from the rings and cover. I may not get another agenda if I have to keep buying more notebook covers and rings to get one. Money is not an object for me in this, but I just don't need more and more notebooks each time I replace the agenda pages.

I think the best format might be having all appointments on a left-page, whether daily or weekly, and a log or notes page on the right.

Regarding my use, I use a circa PDA now for my GTD lists, with the simple lined cards, and one of the appointment cards. I love the appointment card format, but hate the others. Specifically, I think you need to consider how people arrage todo lists for GTD. You need a start date column, description, and then done date and maybe a 'delegated to' column. Some like checkboxes, I like to cross the whole thing out. But not having the date columns is a pain. I prefer to just write them myself.

Further, GTD requires writing the associated information you need to finish the task, such as phone numbers, notes, etc. A list designed to have one line per to-do is a bit constricting when you have to do this.

Again, I love the appointment card format though. Very broad and flexible.

Your grid cards are printed so darkly that I can't use pencil on them and easily read what I've written, so I can't use them, unfortunately. Maybe you could consider a lighter grey grid.

Your tabs for the circa pda are also nice, but the labels fall off immediately. I used clear packing tape over them, cutting off the excess, and now they are completely bomb-proof and feel great.

I would suggest also adding a guide for 3x5 cards to the portable punch and marketing it as able to easily punch 3x5s without the big clunky page guide. That's what I do - in fact, I may just buy the unpunched cards.

Actually, I made a mistake.

Actually, I made a mistake. The grid cards are very nice. It's the grid paper that I have a hard time using pencil with... The card printing of the grids is just right.

Thanks for the prompt reply

...I really appreciate it. I am encouraged that Levenger is looking at this issue, and I understand that it sometimes takes a while before a product can be brought to market.

In the meanwhile, I'll muddle along with the Compact To Do pages. But if you need any beta testers, let me know :0)

And while I have your attention, I'd like to bring up another (marketing) issue. I have ordered several of the Circa Starter Kits to lure my friends and business associates over to the dark side, but because of the way the kits are packaged, they are being returned to me with a "Thanks, but No Thanks".

Why? Because the rings, tightly shrink wrapped against the paper pages, are denting the pages and making them look like crumpled used pages. Perhaps you all could think about packaging the rings on the OUTSIDE of the folder wrapped around the Starter Kit, or better yet on the outside of the Circa plastic covers so there is a tough buffer between the paper pages and the rings.

Just a thought, and thanks again for being our DIY guy on the inside.

Crafty Pagan Computer Geek

Circa Planner Wish List

Well....if we're going to start a "wish list" for Circa planner pages, I'd love to add a wish. I too use a junior circa planner with the weekly pages, and compact "to do" pages in between for my action list. It works pretty well, but even using the compact size paper for "to do's", I tend to lose Friday through Sunday because I have to flip the to do notes back and forth to see the whole week.

I love the Moleskine format of the whole week on the left page and notes on the right page. It just works so much better for me. I did purchase blank circa paper and tried printing my own from the diy templates, but I really prefer to have the weekly and daily dates typed on and not handwritten by me. My anal brain doesn't like too much "stuff." I also cut apart my Moleskine planner (ouch!) but they're difficult to cut well and my smurfs weren't great. The thinner paper tends to fall out of my planner.

So, my wish would be for a "week on one page" format.

I know it's a dream, but just thought I'd toss it in there!

That's what I'm talkin' about

Yes, PenandInk, That's it exactly, but perhaps more elegantly than I stated.

Crafty Pagan Computer Geek

Weekly al Moleskine

That's my preferred format as well, and I too much prefer printed dates.

So, I was bored yesterday and playing with the Widget Kit.

This was a very rough attempt. I have utilized elements from the Widget Kit, but I haven't altogether conformed to the D*I*Y Planner look and feel - I've played with it for a lighter feel.

The first page in the PDF is for the right-hand (ie odd-numbered) pages, being my own notes format: gridded, with a small call-out box at the bottom that I find randomly useful for all kinds of things and don't use in any particualr system.

Second and further pages are all the left-hand (ie even-numbered) pages, week-to-page inspired by Moleskine but with the weekend as two full days. It runs from this week to the end of 2007. My plan is to re-arrange it for A5 rather than classic (since I'm in the UK) and also to do one for 2008 - with holidays (which aren't in this one) - and upload it as a template.

In the absence of mail-merging or whatever in OpenOffice.org Draw, all the dates are input by hand. What can I say? I'm bored this week (waiting on word from job interviews) and once the layout is done, putting on dates doesn't take as long as I thought beforehand!

The PDF: http://www.marramgrass.org.uk/diyp/Jul-Dec2007wtv_n.pdf
Mark Goody

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Christmas in July!!!

A gift, I tell you, this was a gift!

Mark, your Moleskine adapted planner pages are just what I've been looking for. I tried your template, printed out the rest of 2007, added an action list for the facing page, and I'm good to go. As my teens would say, you Rock!

A true act of kindness. Thank you so much!


Glad you like.

I'm glad it's of use to you :-D

Now for 2008...
Mark Goody

I have a blog.
And various lots of photos.

this is great!

This is wonderful. I was trying to do something similar but I was using ruled lines on the calendar and note pages. I think I like the grid for the notes and no lines for the calendar better though.

I was actually thinking about trying out an idea of keeping the Moleskine weekly + notes calendar in my binder along side a Circa notebook. Now I'm thinking the money would be better spend on good printer paper :-)

In any case, as long as this works printed on Classic size paper, I'll be happy. I'm thinking A5 is pretty close?


printing issues

OK, I'm going to be strange and reply to myself. I tried printing out a couple weeks worth of this and ran into an issue. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the bottom of the box at the bottom of page 1 to print out correctly. It was like it was cutting off the last 1/8 inch or so of it. I tried just about everything I could on my computer: changing margins from .25 to .2 to .1 to 0 inches, changing it to say the paper height was 8 inches instead of 8.5 and telling it to shrink to to fit the page. I tried both Acrobat Reader and Preview (yes, this is on a Mac). And it seemed the only way it would work was tell Preview it was a letter size page, which would wind up with the page in the center instead of where it was supposed to be. For anyone interested, I'm running on the latest version of MacOS/X 10.4 with an HP all-in-one PSC1310 printer.

There is likely just some setting that needs changed, but unless it's something I'm doing wrong, I'd say a small tweak to make your template print out properly with the default print settings might be a good idea to consider. If you just took out the last row in the grid and moved the box up that amount of space, or maybe even just move the box up closer to the grid I think it may solve this problem.

The calendar pages look great, it's just the notes page that is giving me issues. I even tried printing out the pages on a 4x6" index card (looks alright) and scaled down to 4 to a page on the 4x6" card - the calendar is ludicrously small at 2x3"!


Sorry about that.

Hmm. Bizarre. I've had no problems printing it... Will have a look at it over the weekend.

(By the by, I have now worked up both Classic and A5 for the rest of 2007 and all of 2008, with a more 'normal' :D notes page. Afraid I've gone for just lined... They've been submitted to the Template Directory, but if you want a sneak peak before they're approved, check http://www.marramgrass.org.uk/2007/07/06/print-your-own-diary/.)
Mark Goody

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And various lots of photos.

Did you try...

defining a custom paper size with altered margins ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

custom paper sizes

I did try printing custom paper sizes, there was nothing like Classic or half-letter on the list of available paper sizes on the Mac. I think the nearest was A5, but of course it defaults to letter. I played with the margins and never really got the grid page to print right in Preview. I did end up getting it to work pretty good with Acrobat Reader. The only thing I didn't like: my printer let me add a blue tint in Preview but not in Acrobat.

I had the additional little challenge that I was not using regular Classic size pages. I was using blank Junior size Levenger pages which are about 1/4" shorter than Classic (unless they've got around to changing that). My printer does smurfed pages if I do them one at a time. For some reason Rollabind paper would work fine on one side, mangled on the other side. Levenger paper does fine on both sides.

Flickr has pictures of how this whole experiment turned out.


custom paper sizes -- Do It Yourself !!

What printer do you have ?
Most of the drivers allow for custom paper sizes to be defined.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I did do custom paper sizes, got it figured out

I did do custom paper sizes... I have a HP PSC1310 all-in-one printer/scanner if that makes a difference. I got things figured out. I was using some of the Junior size Levenger paper, which is actually 1/4" or so shorter than the Classic size. So I defined a custom paper size of 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches (rather than the 8.5 that is Classic size). I messed with the margins a bit and got the new version of the notes page (the plain grid without the box on the bottom) to print out just fine.


That original notes page was

That original notes page was very rough and ready (just like the rest of it :) but it should all be within printable margins. Have you told the printer what size paper you're putting in? For some reason Preview on my Mac assumes A4 whatever the PDF says, and if I don't specify the right size before I print then it goes all over the show.

Can you let me know if you have any better luck with the notes pages in the new files, please?
Mark Goody

I have a blog.
And various lots of photos.