DATED Week-to-page on the left, faced by notes, a la Moleskine (2007 and 2008)

Inspired by the recent Moleskine diaries' layout, and enabled by Doug Johnson's D*I*Y Planner Widget Kit 0.6.

It's dated left-hand pages showing the whole week on the page, with an included right-hand generic lined page for notes.

Here are dated pages for July-December 2007 and for all of 2008.

I decided not to include holidays, as everyone's home will have different ones. Write them in :D

Versions for Classic and A5 are here, released under the Creative Commons By-NC-SA license, just like the Widget Kit.

Usage advice: 

PDFs contain an about page for reference, a generic lined page you can use for notes layed out for right-hand (odd) pages - or you can print in anything you like from the official templates or elsewhere, The rest of each file contains a series of dated, week-to-page left-handed pages to face your notes/to-dos/whatever.

Select the page-range of the weekly pages and print them to your evens. Flip 'em however your printer needs, and print you choice of odd pages. Easy.

Paper size: 
Classic and A5
Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Some form of PDF reader (Acrobat Reader, OS X Preview, etc).
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I've just recently got into A5 planning big style (thanks for the core pack, Doug) - I tried it before and it never really took off for various reasons now resolved. However, I'd decided ~not~ to go into A5 diary as I needed something smaller. And then today I decided to make an A5 diary so my partner and I could use it to note down upcoming events like social, film, music, yoga (whatever), and then consult it once a week to decide what we're going to do together or separately (or not at all). We keep missing things we want to go to for want of somewhere to collate all the info. I don't want to put 'maybe' things in my own diary, and I wanted something we could both use. So I came here and found Mark's template - perfect! Thanks :o)

Love it

This has been my calendar of choice for over a year now, and I'm still loving it! I'm getting anxious, with 2009 coming so fast, and I don't have pages for it yet!

Oh yay!! I just found the 2009 version!!!! Thank you!!!!