Foldover or Folio

Well, the addiction begins. Now that I have my tester set of Circa, I am already looking to upgrade but can't decide betwen the leather foldover notebook or the folio. What do other users recommend? How foldover is the foldover? All help greatfully received.

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touch choice!

I've got a folio, but I pull out my notebook and write in it on occasion as a fold-over. I can't imagine the leather foldovers being any harder to use than the starter kit you have. I would go by your experience with the starter kit. If you like the foldover, you will probably prefer the foldover. My concerns with the foldover are whether or not it could hod everything in--loose papers, etc. and if the covers would come loose on occasion. But if you are happy with the foldover capabilities of your starter, I suspect you will like the leather foldover too.


Zip Folio for loose items

I prefer a zip folio to hold loose bits.
If that were not an issue for me, either would work.
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I have used a junior-sized

I have used a junior-sized foldover for about a month. I cannot imagine that the cover would ever come off by accident. It is pretty secure. I'm very happy with it.

However, as I have just acquired 2 letter-sized notebooks (by attending a Circa demonstration at a Levenger store), I can see the utility of the folio. I bought one on clearance so that I can 'dress up' the notebooks when I take them into meetings.

Decisions. decisions.

Thank you for the comments so far. I, too, want to dress up my notebook for meetings hence the idea of the leather foldover. But I also want the security of a zip for loose papers and my pocket diary. Hmm. More thinking required.

Meeting Master or alternatives...


You didn't say what size you preferred, but Levenger currently has the Meeting Master Junior Folio on clearance. Ryan's blog ( shows how you can insert a junior translucent cover notebook into it, and then you'll have something that has that, plus a 5x8 notepad and pockets to hold loose stuff. Just a thought.

I was tempted to buy it, but settled for a leather foldover that Ryan was kind enough to let me exchange a recently purchased Circa leather jacket for. I like the compact efficiency of the foldover, and it does have a pocket for loose papers in the cover. If you foresee a lot of loose items, you probably would be happier with the Zip folio or the meeting master.

When I anticipate having a bunch of loose stuff, I carry my foldover in a Levenger zippered leather letter-size folio bag that I can carry under my arm. Then I can also stuff pens, extra paper, and meeting papers in there too.


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I would recommend the

I would recommend the leather foldover, with the Circa Zip Pocket from Levenger. This way you have the convenience of the foldover, with the attractive leather cover, and you can put loose bits and papers in the zip pocket. The best of both worlds. I currently am using that setup, and it works great.