What do I do with my contacts on my PDA?

I' m thinking of switching from digital PDA to a paperbased organizer (thinking of HipsterPDA). What is the best way to handle contacts? Aren't they better left on a PDA?

If you think it's better to get all contacts on paper, is it worth the time to print them out one by one?

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Leave your contacts on your

Leave your contacts on your PDA - there's no equivalent for searching through a large contacts database in paper form. If needed on the road and you don't want to take your pda with you, print out just the contacts you might need.

My 2 cents...


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Have to agree with Jester...

I have to agree with Jester on this one. Plus if your partner turns out to be a psycho hell b*t*ch! he/she will find it hard to ring all your contacts and tell them you have an emergency apointment at the VD clinic. :O

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It depends...

On when and where you are likely to need that info.
Some contacts should always be kept in paper form as well as any other form (tech support people, emergancy contacts, my parents and mother -in laws phone numbers etc)
Some contact infromation is only needed in one context and might be best kept there (for example e-mail information stored in your POP client's address book)
Some contact infromation is needed regularly, but only during the life of a specific project, you might want to keep that with your project
Some stuff is only needed once in a while and just needs to be stored in one location until needed (for example my extened families contact infromation, needed only in special cirmstances like weddings, graduations and when mailing cards and kept on 3X5 cards by branch of family in the file cabnet the rest of the time)

So I would suggest you think about what you have and decide what you need all the time, what you need access to in specific situations and what is really just referance infromation and then think about what tool (or tools) might make sense.

I print from Outlook

Hi there

I use a filofax A5, and find I can print my Outlook address book. I match up Outlook and my paper version every so often. There are a few niggles, including the fact that it only seems to work single-sided, but generally it's fine.

I've Made the Switch and it is Good

I've made the switch to analog and it is very good. I've been a PDA user since the fall of 1999 and thought I would always plan and organize my life digitally. But the return to a paper planner has been smooth and the lack of messing around with the PDA to make it work "just right" has been liberating and is rewarding me with more time to think and then do.

I now use the PDA for maintaining my 900 Contacts and the Outlook Notes I need to keep with me (passwords, etc.). The rest is now paper.

I've made the switch and the switch is good!

Just a thought, is there any

Just a thought, is there any practical reason for keeping the contact information and notes on a pda, and not just integrating it on a cellphone ?


A few:

Off the top of my head:

1. The interface on your PDA is nicer. This could be you have an older, simpler phone who's contacts program is old and clunky, or because you have a snazzy contact manager on your PDA (one that includes photographs of the people, scans of business cards, or a fancy contact manager. Or maybe it integrates with your datebook (and you prefer the PDA databook to the phone datebook for any of the reasons listed here.)

2. If your PDA backs up to your computer, and your phone doesn't back up to anything, having it on your PDA is less risky.

3. If you use your PDA for other reference information as well, and it's just handy to have it all in once place

4. Your phone is your PDA.

5. The screen size of your phone irritates you, and the PDA screen is larger.

PDA and Paper

I have always used a paper planner, but also have a phone-pda. The contacts in the phone PDA are the ones I am most likely to want to reach by phone. I print out my outlook contacts from my desk computer to put into my paper planner (have to shrink the output to the 8 x 5 size I like to carry) and try to keep a current set in there. Since I don't use them in exactly the same way, I see no need for them to be identical. I was a little bit amazed to discover this site and find that other people prefer analog, too. I also keep a journal and like to carry a similar 8 x 5 one with me when I can, for the stray inspiration . . . (: