NEW Circa from Levenger

Heads up! There are new Circa storyboard sheets (yay!) and a new Circa micro PDA and a new micro PDA leather cover available over at Levenger.

Be the first kid on your block to own one!

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I like the looks of those,

I like the looks of those, especially the micro leather cover. How handy would that be....


* happy dance *
* happy dance *
* happy dance *



Oh the storyboard sheets! I've secretly been hoping for them for awhile now. Letter or Junior....such a decision!

Those Micro PDA's sure are appealing. But I couldn't find any refills. Did anyone have better luck than I?

No Refills

...that I could see. But I just ordered a set of the 4 mini-PDAs and two leather covers, and I will report back when I have them.

I ordered two covers because I couldn't decide between the Forest Green and the Eggplant, nice FALL colors that I'm hoping will extend to the rest of the the Circa notebook FALL lineup.

Throw me a bone, Ryan.

Crafty Pagan Computer Geek

fall colors

Funny, I asked the same thing of Ryan on his Flickr account. That Forest Green color is a wonderful color. Now if they had a similarly dark shade of blue, I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Does anyone even make blue leather that isn't a baby blue or sky blue?


Yeeaaaars ago (2004?) at the

Yeeaaaars ago (2004?) at the Delray Beach store in Florida I picked up a dark blue Stanley Journal cover in the outlet bin for $10. It said something like "prototype" on it.

Looks like it didn't fly. Too bad 'cause it's a great color! I love it.


That sounds really neat. Do you happen to still have it? I'd like to see a picture. Also - prototypes for sale in the outlet bin? That's pretty wild. I've never heard of any company doing that. Too bad there's not a Levenger store here in Columbus.


It's really just a Stanley

It's really just a Stanley journal cover, in a dark blue color. It was nice to find it there!

Stanley pocket journal has a navy cover - on sale :)


What I said in the heading. Very nice color, but it looks like they are closing out all but the standard three colors for the Stanley journals.

I couldn't find any refills, either.

But I had to buy a PDA mini eggplant leather cover, regardless. Gorgeous color!

Circa colors + Micro PDA refills

The fall colors, Forest Green and Eggplant, were only ordered in the Micro and Regular PDA formats for Circa. [I now see a pretty big demand for these in the rest of the line!]

What started as a test of fashion colors in the entire Circa line seems to have drawn a great deal of positive feedback. Based on this year's results, it seems color variation is pretty important to making notebooks a personal statement (-or perhaps we just learned that fun is as important a quality in a notebook as any refill or accessory-.)

Refills for the MicroPDA won't be available for a little while. In the meantime, the wallet cards make for a pretty functional DIY replacement. Their landscape orientation, with grid on one side and ruled on other, is more compatible for docking to a regular notebook. (I'm working to make this the standard for the line.) [If you don't have a punch, drop me a PM. I'll figure something out for you until the refills are available (if it means punching the wallet cards myself.) ;)


Fall Colors

The fall colors, Forest Green and Eggplant, were only ordered in the Micro and Regular PDA formats for Circa.

I'm confused. Does this mean that the fall colors should be available for the leather cover of the 3x5 hipster PDA?

I loves me my 3x5 hipster, and that Forest Green is gorgeous. But when I go to the Levenger web site, I only see the usual offerings for the hipster leather cover (celery, black, red, toffee, grapemist).

Forest Green and Eggplant a Go for fall


Discontent with the peculiar absence of the Forest Green and Eggplant in the rest of the upcoming Circa line, I did a bit more digging.

The colors had actually already arrived.

The end of July will bring these colors to foldover, zip, and jacket in Letter, Junior, Compact, and PDA (both sizes.) I apologize for the misinformation. "Jewel tones" are on the way.


I hear you, brother

I get very tired of all those girly colors, and the assumption that if you don't want those, you are relegated to the drab world of tan, red and black.

Bring on the jewel tones!

Crafty Pagan Computer Geek

Nice micro-pdas. I don't

Nice micro-pdas. I don't know if I could find any use for them though, as I find the regular circa pda a good size, and wouldn't want to carry two of them.

Do you have tabs for the micro??

Micro dividers

First on the agenda is making refills readily available. I use tabs cut from the 3x5 dividers in my own version, photo, but I think the concept behind the Micro PDA is more centered around simplicity and portability. Dividers aren't something we will offer this year. However, I'm eager to hear more reactions down the line as more customers test the size out.

different uses of micro-pda's

I'm not sure how other people envision using their Micro PDA's, but for me it is just a place to write things down until I can get back to my planner... Dividers wouldn't really help me, but some kind of page-finder would be really handy. For now I've been using a Post-It Durable Index tab on the back of the next blank page.


How about tearing off a

How about tearing off a corner of each sheet as you use it? Then when you run your thumb down that corner of the pages, the first one you snag is the next blank.

New catalog

I just received the new catalog. Is it my imagination or have some of the prices gone up? For instance, the book bungees are now 5 for $30.00. Weren't they 5 for $24.00?

Has anyone else noticed any price increases?

some prices increased

I noticed the Circa Agenda went up in price. I hadn't noticed any other price increase. I guess it is just a couple items here and there.


Some up; some down

I looked at the book bungees ... great idea but the punitive shipping costs to Europe makes it unlikely that I'll buy any. :-( On the Levenger web site the price is listed as $30 but they are currently on sale at $20. Might be worth checking online prices before ordering.


I use a book bungee around my circa agenda - works pretty well when I need to keep it closed, and lets me open it easily when I don't need it. :)

Price increase

i'm a newbie here so please be kind :)

yes i noticed some things have increased. i thought the letter circa starter kit was 12$ but now its $14. plus the Leather PDA circa WAS $34.99 with the sale one at $19.99 (the old catalog says the sand was on sale at the time). and now its $44.99 with the sale one at $29.99. thats a big jump.

some things have gone done of course but seeing the leather PDA jump so much annoyed me because thats what i wanted to get. its not the end of the world i know, and these things do happen. its just sucks because i only JUST discovered circa and was still getting used to it and finding uses that work for me. of course if i had it to do over again i would have gotten a starter in each size and a pda size. but i did it now. thats how i noticed the price hike. :) sorry... long winded... anyway.

ok here are two questions:

1-is now a good time to get the Leather Micro PDA circa, or is the price expected to go down?
2-if i cant wait for the micro pda circa refills how can i make my own. or what can i get instead to make some?
the 3x5 index cards are too big. i was wondering if punching the wallet cards would work?

3x5's too big

I find 4x6 index cards cut in half to be a great size -- just get some small Circa discs and some stiff plastic and you can make your own.

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Levenger Micro PDA paper

Jigglypuff wrote:

2-if i cant wait for the micro pda circa refills how can i make my own. or what can i get instead to make some?

I went to my local Staples, picked up a package of multicolored 64# paper and had them cut the whole thing into business-card size sheets. I got 5 business card boxes full, for ~$20.00.

My next Levenger purchase will be the MicroPDA books -I've been using a homebrew setup cut to that size for the past few weeks to see how it works, and it gets major use every day - it's the perfect size for EDC (every day carry).

micro-pda refills

I wish I'd seen this topic earlier. I find 4x6" index cards chopped in 4 and smurfed make great refills.


micro pda refills

i am using the levenger wallet cards. i punch them and they are perfect.