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This may be a little off topic, but here goes... I've been putting pics of my planner gear on flickr and find it to be a very nice interface for sharing and discovering some really cool pictures. It is a bit annoying that you have to have a paid account if you want to create more than three sets of pictures. Does anyone know of a better place to put pictures than Flickr?

I've used PhotoBucket a bit and just checked out Picasa. Flickr seems to have a better interface and makes it easier to browse looking for cool stuff while the other two appear more geared toward letting you upload your photos and share them with friends by emailing a link instead of attachments.

Any thoughts on this?


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To-MAY-to, To-MAH-to

Each site has its perks and quirks.
I am using PhotoBucket and I find it adequate. I paid to get full FTP upload access.
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I have both a photobucket and a flickr account... It is annoying that we can only have three sets as nonpaying customers but its the best I've heard about.

Photobucket is nice but I really like flickr for its image size options. You don't have to resize the original to share it... I can keep the huge original intact on flickr and use a smaller version on my blog or whatever.

you may want to click around over at and see what they recommend. That place has recommendations for everything. :)

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Flickr: create groups instead of sets

I you like Flickr but feel you are limited to 3 sets, why not think of creating private or public groups.

Another alternative would be to tag pictures in one specific set and create a link to all photo's with that tag from your flickr profile page.


I am fairly new to Flickr and only joined because of all the activity this site has on there. I haven't decided whether or not I want to pay for the service. The price is reasonable, but there are so many free services out there, I just don't know if it is really worth $24 a year.

One thing I really like about Flickr, which has already been mentioned, is the awesome interface for sharing photos ONLINE.

One frustration that I have with them, though, is that having your photos printed through their service is expensive. I would have said unavailable, but they just added that service. I also think their interface is confusing to learn. But again, maybe that's just me....