Introducing the hPDAphone!

Hi, all --

Just for fun last night I whipped up a little hPDA cover based on the iPhone. The buttons are all based on DIYPlanner template topics, and the bottom row is links to my favorite hPDA sites.

Link to the blog entry -- available in .png and scalable vector .pdf.


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I love it! Very cute! :-)

very nice


This is awesome, and perfect for the "next gen" hPDA. Of course, now all we gotta get ya to do is to design a set of cards with the icons themselves. *wink wink*


Thanks, Innowen! I didn't

Thanks, Innowen! I didn't think about creating cards with the icons, but now you got me thinking! I'll have to think about how to design cards that look like they would work on the iPhone.

If you're interested, I could send you the buttons (I created them in OmniGraffle) if you wanted to play with them.


i'd love that

hey rollafool,

I'd love that. However, I don't have OmniGraffle. I DO have Adobe CS2. Could you possibly see if OmniGraffle allows you to save the icons to an Illustrator compatible version? If you can't, feel free to send as is and I can see what I can do with em. ;)

But yeah, I think you could design some sheets with the icons and have a whole iPhonePDA look.


OmniGraffle Options

OmniGraffle lets me export to PDF and EPS vector; tiff, png, or jpg bitmap; an html image map; or an OmniOutliner document. Would any of these be good?


PNG or JPG for me, please

I, also, would like to play with them
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the motherload

wow rollafool.. it does everything. :)

EPS vector would be wonderful! That way i can play with all sorts of sizes.

You can use my profile to email me the link/files.

Thanks again,
(who's sneeking some net time in on her new job)


Congrats on the new job!!! (I was hesitant to ask how the search was going because I've been there and some days its hard to answer... *hugs*)

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Button files are ready, but...

I just e-mailed each of you back-channel -- your files are ready, but I can't figure out how to send attachments using the form in the member profile page! Sheesh, sometimes I'm such a luddite...

One thing about the EPS files, innowen -- the buttons should scale fine but most of the little icons are bitmaps, so they will pixelate the more you zoom. Sorry about that!

got ya


No worries. I can play with it. Isn't the pixelated look in this year? :)

Thanks again for allowing your button files to get sourced out.


or tabs

or tabs with the icons so you could use this with Circa, have your tabs, rearrange as needed....

Tabs for 3x5 cards?

Ooh, tabs, I like that too... does anyone have any tips for making tabs for 3x5 cards that I could print these icons on? I use Avery removable and printable tabs for my letter-size pages, but they'd be way too big for 3x5s.

How about printing on 4x6

cards and then trimming them down to 3x5 but leave the tab part extending out? That way the tab is a piece of the same card that has been trimmed around, not an added bit.

Tab idea

Interesting idea! A lot of precision trimming is involved -- that would pose a challenge for me, aka "Mr. Ten Thumbs." :-D

Let me play around with this and I'll see what I can come up with. Would the tabs be better on the side or the bottom?


Cards with Icons

I tried this idea a little before the iPhone came out with Blackberry icons, but I never like the way it looked so I kind of forgot about it.

Anyway, I think something like this would work:
1. Title Line at the Top, with Icons to circle below.
2. Have a Certain Icon in the Upper-Left Corner, as part of the Top line.

If you want the original iPhone icons with some blanks, go to and click on Download in the left bar. (A Zip file with PNG images).

Looking Forward To,
Chris :)

P.S.: Is it possible to make available in Classic and Hipster Sizes?

Nice site for icons

he said checking how many gigabytes he had available for downloads >:D
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Oooh, those are sweet... thanks for the link!

The PDF version of the hPDA cover can be scaled up to any size, but most of the images on the buttons are JPGs so they will pixelate as they scale up.


A trick zou can use

If you have those icons in larger size, you can paste that larger size into your doc, and scale them down. When you make your pdf, don't use any compression on the jpegs, and they will keep their original dimensions. You can zoom in to see how they still look.

Actually, I learned this by accident at the end of last year. We make a wall calendar every year to give to members and friends of our church. This past year, its theme was photos I took in the US from our last "tour of duty" there. ;-) for the back cover, I made thumbnails of all the pics by dragging the full-size images and resizing them. I discovered that I could zoom the page in something like 1000% and those pics were still beautiful! (They ranged from 2-4 megapixels in size). In my situation--oops, but you could use this to your advantage if you have larger images of the icons--maybe even print full A4 size (or US Letter if you are so biased) ;-)


small icons

Excellent tip, jonglass. Unfortunately, the original icons were pretty small to begin with. They're 1:1 in the file, believe it or not!

What I'm going to try to do from now on is only use Unicode font characters like Webdings so that they'll scale up and down in vector files like EPS and PDF...


don't forget ... lots of great symbol style fonts out there... some even are open usage.

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Very very cool!

Are you going to post the .eps files here? I
would love to try my hand at a few "sub-pages".


Rollafool rotfl!!!!

Is this AV Paul>?!?:)
love the name btw.
well at least i can have a fake one.

EPS files posted

@ davehall -- I just posted EPS files for the hPDAphone buttons to a new template, so it might take a little while for them to show up. In the meantime, I can e-mail them to anyone who wants them.

@ DucLy -- yep, it's me! You and me both, I could never afford the real thing... BTW, I saw your link to my blog entry on the hPDAphone. Thanks!


OK, I'm in the process of creating a line of templates based on the hPDAphone concept. But first, it required me to completely revamp the design so that I can build templates off of it.

The new version of the "home screen" is available here: linky. The
"screen" has been enlarged, and I created a whole new set of yummy buttons with icons that are completely vector, so that they'll scale along with everything else.

The beta of the Agenda template is now in the hands of my official field-tester and when she gives it the thumbs-up, I'll post it for downloading...


awesome rolla fool

I'll check it out-duc

very kewl

oh, very kewl. I just may hafta make a hPDA with these and then tell all my friends i have an iPhone. *snerk*

i'll download them soon and give ya feedback.


Waiting patiently for more

Waiting patiently for more templates :)

More hPDAphone templates coming!

Since we had to throw all our resources into the hPDAphone, the release date of the templates had to be pushed back to oh, say October... :-D

Just kidding. A little Apple humor there. I've started laying out the to-do list and it *will* appear late this week. I'm trying for one every 2-3 weeks at most. These things are TOUGH!

Thanks for the positive feedback! Let me know how they work in the field.


I love this but it's a wee bit fuzzy.

I just printed out the menu as a cover for my hPDA. I printed it on postcard size photo paper (glossy) and it is very spiffy indeed. Now I have to wait a couple of hours to take it home to my Circa punch. My only prob is that it is a bit out of focus. I scaled it to be 3x5 so maybe making it a tad bigger threw it out of focus? Did anyone else have this happen?

fuzzy scaling

Hi, emoore --

Sounds like a result of the small size of the PNG files (ooops!). I'll replace them with bigger versions that should scale better -- look for them by the end of today.

I'm still learning how to use OmniGraffle (and how to make templates in general!). I appreciate your feedback and questions.


Here is my hPDA iphone cover.

I printed it on 4x6 photo paper then cut around the sides and bottom. I left the top long so that when I circafied it it would hang over the bottom to allow room for tabs to be covered. I may trim it as I haven't put any tabs in yet. i made the back cover out of some card stock. I may make another one out of something heavier because with the long bottom to allow for tabs the card stock is already bending on the back especially.

When I punched this cover and the cards I used the top edge of my portable Circa punch to line up the paper. This produces non-centered punching which I really don't like but my punching strayed if I tried to just eyeball it in center.

hPDA iphone cover

Oh, that is sa-WEET! Now you've got me all fired up to make more. And tabs too! :-)

Perhaps if you backed it with poly plastic cut from an old folder? Mine is protected by my CircaPDA's cover, so I just printed it out on paper (wife's color printer at the office can't handle cardstock) and taped it to a card...

Upload to DIYplanner

I think you should go ahead and upload these templates to DIYplanner.

hPDAphone halfway point

I just uploaded the hPDAphone Capture Notes template to my Downloads page, and also a set of the new buttons to the DIYPlanner Templates page.

The Capture Notes template marks the halfway point for the hPDAphone templates: the other releases include the Main Menu, Agenda, To-Do list, Calendar, and Notes. The rest will be coming soon, hopefully at the same rate of about one a week.

I've heard from my official beta tester that they work well. Let me know if you find anything that needs improvement.

@chriskraus -- when the template set is complete, I'll definitely post them here on DIYPlanner.


hPDAphone templates finished

OK, I just uploaded the last of the hPDAphone templates (first set of 12). Take a look in case you haven't checked in lately. Many thanks to DucLy's niece for being my official field-tester!

I will be doing a 2008.0 calendar soon. There's still room on the home screen for more templates, so if there are any that you'd like to see added, let me know and I'll see what I can come up with.

I will be posting the template set here soon.