Mom planner... potential idea?

Link to Ebay Iten

This planner appears to have multiple sizes incorporated into one final layout...

I have to admit this idea is intriguing to me...

Any Mom members use this model or like the concept?

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mom of 4

This looks like a good concept. I like the different sizes and forms from what I can see. I'm not crazy about the binder but I am kind of picky. I might have to go see if I can find it in a store to look through. What do you like best about it??

diff sizes

I like the different sizes all together... just the idea of having multiple sizes in a classic binder is something I hadn't seen before. :)

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I found it on the dayrunner

I found it on the dayrunner website but am getting conflicting info. The pic shows 3 ring binder but the product info says 6 ring. hmmm now I may have to go to the store to check it out. ... for research... right...


The one on their website is a smaller version... the ebay link is to a classic size (5.5x8.5 inch).... make sure to disclose your findings :)

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I saw it in stores a couple of years ago

and passed. I liked the binder but didn't like the forms all that much. They were too "cutesy" for me and didn't fit my needs. And it was too pricey to buy for just the binder and toss the innards.

No refills

I looked at DayTiimer's web pages. No refills

I'd copy ideas from it before I'd buy one, but then I do not recall seeing anything I wanted to copy.

It's a nice idea, but I think it's way too simple for this crowd.
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