In the process of being Circafied - get a free Circa notebook

Last week I had to make a business trip to Maryland's Eastern Shore and since I was "in the vicinity," aka less than one hour away, I made a trip to the Tyson's Corner Levenger to check out Circa product. Wow! Levenger is having a promotion such that when you go into the store they make you a free Circa system - you pick the size (I went with compact), the paper inside (I picked a mix of lined, storyboard, some 3x5 perforated cards, and todo lists), and the ring color (I picked black). Dd13 did junior size, blue rings, todo lists and lined paper. A freebie for each of us! Wooohoo. And you get a 10% off coupon which, of course, I immediately put to good use.

I picked up a portable punch, some large rings, the 3x5 notebook (with the side punched perforated cards) and refill, a 3x5 sampler pack (unpunched), a letter size starter kit, and some lined paper (compact size). I also found, for $2.95(!), the leather Circa card holder and got one in toffee and one in red. It's been three days and I've been so busy I haven't had time to play with anything yet and can't wait to get into it.

Dd started using her Circa todo list papers immediately, has rearranged and reorganized several times, and keeps telling me repeatedly how much she loves her Circa binder. She even made a todo list of chores and things to pack for a voice workshop and did them all! All of you parents out there know my joy at having a teen make and complete a todo list. She keeps saying that she would love to use Circa for school; she hates 3-ring binders. I'm not sure I want to invest that much into a junior high school binder but to be honest, her zip-around 3-ring binder last year was $30 and it didn't last very long at all. We may just have to hack a zip-around binder and make it Circa-enabled.

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Standard practice

If you have been following the discussions about the Levenger stores, this is not a special promo, but the standard practice. Your story illustrates the effectiveness of offering up a few discs a pair of covers and a few sheets of paper to attract the customer.

Last time I went in, I was offered one and I said I had already received one when I was last in. The response was: Would you then like to try a different size ? Of course I would -- and did !!
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I have been following

the discussions but hadn't realized that it was standard practice, I thought a few people had just gotten lucky. I had gone in to purchase Circa product anyway and thought this was just a bonus. I'll have to go back for a different size lol.

Wish they have overseas

Wish they have overseas stores, including one in Malaysia.

Free notebook promotion

[Duc Ly: An interview with Rasmussen]

[...]*this is where I sound like a commercial* Anyone that enters a Levenger retail store, can receive a free, custom, Circa notebook. We build a sample with the kind of pages they want to try. The idea behind it, obviously, is that we want to get people excited about the personalization potential of the system[...] It's funny how a difficult advertising ‘free’ notebook is. (What’s the catch? the predominant response.)

It's actually pretty exciting on the other side of the Circa Bar. The customer gets an opportunity to put together a completely personal notebook, while at the same time we also learn a great deal about common frustrations and creative organizational methods from the interactive experience (sometimes referred to as Build-A-Bear for Professionals.)

The Interview

I like interviewing Capt. levenger :) something enlightening comes out of it. I admitted that I would put on a different mask and try to get a few different notebooks, but apparently this isn't necessary >.< The Circa Bar sounds like a design experience in action! Maybe I'll have to retire to Boca Ratan near a Levenger Store some day.

Notebook Freebies: hook to new product!

Just wanted to share that a similar 'free notebook' appeared in my Levenger mail order box ... and its intended business purpose appears to have worked.

After ordering the Well-Read Life bookography journal in Junior size (and seeing the Circa notebook & disc quality), I took the plunge and ordered a desk punch, an address book, and a couple Junior notebooks.

To my pleasant surprise, two Letter-sized notebooks were included. So, of course, I have now been scheming and rationalizing about various uses for other additional Levenger items in both Junior and Letter sizes.
So, Ryan Rasmussen and his elves got me hooked!

But here's also a closed circuit to Jason over at a 'free' 3x5 card notebook was thrown into my first order of Myndology Journal-sized notebooks months ago -- and your 3x5's have become indispensible since. (I cite your nice format difference here: Format Fling: 3X5 Circa vs. Myndology)

All you business tycoons: a little free love can go a long ways!

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Hi Dan, I was glad to see there's some one out there besides me that uses bookography. I read the little guide too.
We'll have to compare notes. I was also working on an index Bookography.

Duc Ly



But if you visit the Levenger store every day in hopes of getting a sample each time the clerk who works that shift each day will eventually stop offering the sample, like, after the second day. And yes, I tried different times of the day but that same clerk seemed to be working a lot of shifts. D**n those observant clerks. I think I need a disguise. The problem was that each time I went into the store I saw something new on sale that I hadn't seen before that I couldn't live without. Like the plastic folders for 3x5s. And the Circa leather business card holders for $2.95 that I have hacked for other uses (I bought all that were in stock). I'll share the hacks at some point.