PDA + Paper

Well, I finally received my iPAQ. It's one of the "Travel Companion" line with the built-in GPS system (tom tom). A cool feature I won't need for my job, but will be a fun toy to play with on weekends. My employer furnished me with the iPAQ, so I had no say about the model...not that I'm complaining. I was prepared to pay for one out of my own pocket, but free is better than shelling out $300+ anyday.

Now begins the old familiar quandry of how best to combine technology with paper. I'm quite satisfied to do my calendaring on my laptop/PDA, but daily capture of random thoughts needs to be done on paper.....preferably notecards.

Has anyone seen a leather case that could house a PDA on one side and a circa pda on the other?


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There's always....

...Pocketmod. www.pocketmod.com. I tuck one of these behind my Palm in its case. When I'm out and about without any 3x5s, this works excellently.

Now, for todos... hm. That gets odder. Because I use A4 paper, my pocketmods are exactly A7 size (1/8 the size of A4). I use scrap paper (rejects from printing or used paper I don't need any more), and cut it down to A7 size, and have that in my desktop 3x5 card holder. I tend to write down honey-do lists on that, as well as things to do while out, and shopping lists, etc. When going out, these also get tucked behind my Palm in its case, there for ready reference. It helps that my stylus is a two-in-one, containing a ball-point pen, but with this, I have everything I need.

However, because I have to carry a rather large car registration and insurance papers with me at all times, I have made a Ductster wallet that also holds a bigger pen and 3x5 cards. I have printed out a year-at-a-glance from here, and a couple other forms, and carry a few more blank cards in the Ducster. So, between the two--my Palm and Pocketmods and my 3x5 Ducster-- I'm good to go for super portable. All of this is when I'm not carrying my Levenger folio with my PCEO forms in it. ;-)

I am with you with keeping hard landscape items electronic. The ability to trigger alarms cannot be beat, but for tasks, and other "throwaway" items, paper beats electronic hands-down.

Just some thoughts and ideas for you...


pocketmod on a4

Hi jon,

You said you get your pocketmods to be a7, that does mean the printout takes up the whole a4 page doesn't it? How do you do that? Is it some trick in acrobat reader that I could use? I would love to do that.

There are multiple ways...

...to make "pocketmods" but the web site www.pocketmod.com is the original web site. It's a flash-based app you can either create online (on the link at the top right of the page) or download (underneath that). A fellow also created a Mac-only app, called PocketPacker, that creates the same sort of thing.

the pocketmod concept is to print out 8 pages (A7-sized) on A4 paper, and then fold and cut it in a specific way to create your A7-sized "hipster."

If you search somewhere on this site, I made a tutorial long ago on how to print on both sides of the paper, thus creating two pocketmods out of one sheet of A4, rather than just 1. My problem was that the staple snags on my Palm case, and has torn it somewhat, so I went back to the original, and print on the B side of scrap paper. I typically print out one every couple weeks or so, but when I was working on the tutorial, I ended up making enough to last me several months. ;-) Not all are perfect, but I hate to throw away paper--comes from my days working (playing, really) in a print shop in college. :-)



I should have been more precise

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your fast reply, but it was not exactly the thing I didn't know already. What I meant was if you found a way to print to the ends of the paper, rather than leaving large blank spaces on all four sides. I tried it, but it didn't work. Maybe it is the mac-only thing that does that. That would be too bad, because I have never even seen a mac in real life, let alone have one at home.


Silly me! I was wondering how you hadn't heard of Pocketmods!!!

I print on my PIxma (see another post I just wrote) onto A4-borderless. Oddly, however, my Pixma MP printer, when it does that, prints _lighter_ than normal, not the crisp blacks, which I can't figure out. But printing borderless is what does the job for me. I choose it in Page-Setup on my Mac. It's a different page size in the dialog box/window. I am sure Windows operates similarly.

Sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding on my part! (and wasted bandwidth--if I could erase it, I would!)


that's it

I will try that, thanks. And it wasn't your fault, my English isn't always as clear as I would like it to be.

Levenger to the rescue!

Their Universal PDA Case has your PDA on one side and 3x5 cards on the other. I like mine.

[ web site ]

same idea!

This is exactly what I was going to suggest - it should be perfect for you or give you some ideas to mod something else that may be similar?
nay nay
P.S. Let us know what you find!


Bob - Here is a PDA and Index Card holder on eBay - Levenger product...
Levenger BLUE leather PDA/WALLET wrap PLUSH Item number: 190130358314

Keeping Them Separate

Thanks for the great suggestions, but I've decided to keep my PDA separate from my notecards. The Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase I purchased back in December is working out quite nicely. I carry it with me everywhere I go, sometimes in my shirt pocket, sometimes in my back pants pocket. I don't always carry my PDA around, nor do I need to.

In addition to my shirt pocket briefcase, I've made two hPDA's. One for my car, and the other for my desk at the office. Oftentimes while driving, I will think of an idea that needs to be captured. I simply grab my car hPDA, jot a note...sometimes two. When I arrive at my destination, I remove the card and place it in the back pocket of my pocket briefcase. When I get back to the office, I empty my pocket briefcase and go through my cards. Cards that need to be held for a while get inserted in my office hPDA until I can act on the ideas. My Levenger Circa Desk Punch comes in very handy for those cards.

It's working for now...